Perspectives in Knitting and Other Parts of Life

June 26, 2015

I received a message this evening as I was watching my nieces and nephews. A friend of mine was having a rough time and needed help, but was unlikely to reach out to me though I’ve told her she could. I decided to give it a try once I got home this evening. At first I heard nothing from her, as I only have her info on social media.



It’s done! It’s Done! Phew! Almost in time, the green and brown is the inside, the blues are the outside…I decided to keep the embroidery simple.

We went to high school together and have only somewhat kept in contact over the years, but some days, the best thing that can happen is that you have someone to listen to when you need them.  I think I helped her, though I could do nothing for her financially or to change her situation, she went to bed feeling better and like she could do what needs to be done tomorrow. Sometimes, that’s more important than what actually happens tomorrow, as it is a new day.

008Scamp helping while mom’s trying to keep the project a secret…

So, after my tough week of training 4 hours a day and working longer than usual shifts on training days–oh, if they would have done this unpaid training two weeks ago when we were all getting sent home early….but they didn’t. My practical test didn’t go as well as I expected and I felt deflated. However, I’d made my nephew a promise of guitar lessons, and learned my goodwill guitar was useful as wall art only. It was turning out to be a downright disappointing day.

013My Dad is into smiley faces…

But there were good parts that happened too. I ran behind in errands, so I offered to take my nieces to my dad’s to drop off the super-secret father’s day gift I finally finished. I forgot it on Tuesday when I was supposed to drop it off and left it on the couch in my backpack which has been my constant companion this week, except for Tuesday, when it sat on my couch with my training notes as well.  My dear James and I bought my dad a six pack of various ales with entertaining names and presented them to him Tuesday afternoon, since we had arrived with coffee for ourselves. My dad does not drink coffee, but I simply could not go in empty-handed.


Scamp, curious about the strings on the bookwrap quilt…

But I finished the bookwrap quilt, and tonight, I remembered my backpack and my guitar and the father’s day gift. I still forgot the camera. I felt accomplished for finally finishing this gift, and for remembering it.  Later that night, after returning the munchkins home, I came home to open the airways to chat with a friend. Her situation made mine look downright simple. I didn’t ask permission to to discuss her situation, but she’s fallen on hard times, that involve more than not doing well on a test because you have an extra half-hour to over-think a process since each person going through the process takes longer than expected.

001Maeve, snuggling while mom knits

Tonight, after all that was done, and I chatted with my dear James, I picked up my knitting, in which I had knit half of the heel flap in black. While knitting the black section of the heel, due to focusing on the pattern and seeing the stitches, I instructed dear James not to talk to me while I worked through this eye of partridge stitch. Tonight, I switched to cream and noticed how much easier it is to see the stitches and to see how much easier it is to track stitches with contrast. While black yarn is difficult to knit with, I will have a beautiful sock that I should be able to wear to work when I’m finished. In addition, I’m told summer is cold in there, so I better start knitting faster. That may be easier with half the yarn in lighter contrast.

004Sock Progress, this week

Some days, you see only the top half of the sock, and see the dark difficult stitches in which someone  included lacy holes to make little heart patterns. Other days, you get to see both yarns and know it wasn’t as difficult the entire way. While I still have to turn the heel at some point soon, I also know  it will be easier knitting with the cream colored yarn. The dark, difficult part of this is not entirely behind me, but is getting easier to work with as we add more light.That’s part of the joy of the knitting journey each sock takes.


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