Confessions of An Over-Scheduled Knitter

June 19, 2015

I’ve gone and done it again. I didn’t get much knitting done again. I was going to knit. I thought I had extra time, but not this week. The excuses are real, and plentiful…I spent one evening spinning a marble in a planter and later in a pan trying to get the knack of spinning a roulette ball. A friend described the snap technique as a method of squeezing the ball until it has no choice but to leave your fingers.  I went into training early the next day, and “got” it. It surprised me, but my extra time for training was spent checking my snap technique.


Scamp, watching the marble roll around the pan.

In addition, I had to renew my license for my job. That was an extra trip before work as well, and fortunately, I got there on the day the lady chose to work that week. That stress is handled. Yeah, for me.

Next, the real reason I’m not getting much knitting done. I’ve been done with a semi-secret gift I’ve been working on for some time. I’m embroidering the fun stuff now, but it feels like more work than sewing the blocks together. I cannot show you the item, in case the intended recipient happens upon this blog before I finish it and gift it. This could get interesting….We’ll see what I can complete on the sewing, then I can get back to the knitting…

010Scamp has curious methods of helping me sew…

I also borrowed my Little today, and took her yarn shopping at the local yarn store. I could not buy as it’s the day before payday. However, I searched out yarn for another gift for a person who claims she cannot wear wool. I think she’s never tried sock wool, and has tried one that wasn’t treated carefully. I started looking for a cotton blend. The proprietor recommended a cotton/wool/nylon blend to keep the elasticity.

One lady at the yarn store said she tried knitting socks with bamboo, and they just didn’t hold up. I was grateful for their input before I committed to the purchase. I will return next week to purchase the skein I picked out and will take a photo of it, then demand my friend take photos of her project so I can chat about her progress here.

For now, allow me to get back to the embroidery so I may trim and bind, and add the ties…oy and vey….this girl has a lot of work to do.

Please excuse the embroidery interlude…it’s why this post is coming through a bit late…

Now, the embroidery is done. Then I must blind stitch the binding on both sides…then I’m done. Wait, no I’m not! Drat…I still have to sew on the outside ties after this…well, I’m still getting there. But I also have to wash it, and it’s for Father’s day, and it’s due Sunday.  Perhaps we can get it washed before I wrap it and present it. Oy, vey…oh, dear. One thing at a time. In the meantime, a small report, about the cats that must help me with projects, who may or may not run off with embroidery skeins soon.


Putzer, guarding the knitting, or waiting for a massage.

First, Putzer decided to guard my knitting, or he’s standing watch for his nightly massage. It seems we humans exist to massage Putzer…trust me on this.

006Scamp, sleeping on my scissors, and considering sneaking off with

small, portable skeins of threads

Scamp was next to determine that I was taking too much time embroidering the gift. She protested by sleeping on the handle of my scissors. Later, it was  simply my lap and in the way of the  project. Pictures of the actual project will come, I promise.

004Briannag, making my next point

Then the dogs joined in. Briannag is great about stealing my spot and my pillow; and quite stubborn about giving it back. Zeus even took a turn at it tonight, once Briannag was scooted to her own section of the couch. Squib mostly left it alone. Maeve, however, decided that if I was in the computer  chair, I was providing a lap for her, regardless of what else was occupying her lap.

011Zeus, taking his turn at taking my spot.

Somehow, I still got all the symbols embroidered in, mostly reasonably. Now I must remember to clean up the embroidery floss and take photos of the finished project when it is done.      014

Maeve, deciding I’m not too busy to pet her at all…

Some days, I consider trying to teach the pets how to sew or knit, but I’m not sure they’d not find their own projects once they got it. Until next week, when I have a heel to talk about.


4 Responses to “Confessions of An Over-Scheduled Knitter”

  1. Carol Says:

    As a feline with crafty moms – who seem to prioritize ALL wrong (how is yarn NOT a toy?) – I’m happy to hear that you have your priorities straight. Massage first, then knit. Or, better yet, massage some more (my preference). Keep up the good work!

    • Putzer is so a fan of massage as much as possible, and Scamp will never fully understand that yarn is not a toy, nor will Squib get that knitting needles are not meant to be used as toothpicks…Thanks.

  2. Espirational Says:

    When I first saw your post with the photo of Putzer I thought, I didn’t post a picture of Callie this morning. Looks just like our spoiled rotten calico.

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