Sleeping on the Job

June 12, 2015


Squib, snuggling while mom knits…

Most of us get in trouble for sleeping on the job, unless it’s written into the contract. With the kitties and puppies, it just may be. Yes, I get it, 80# dogs are not supposed to be called puppies, but they are always going to be puppies to us…trust me on this.


Briannag and Zeus sleeping while I knit

So, tonight, I sat down to knit my lace repeat thinking about sharing upcoming birthday or father’s day gifts. I decided if I dish before I gift, then it’s the one time the recipients will load this up to check it out, and only one of the gifts is knitting related…I’ll save that for when I really need something else to talk about.


Maeve, snuggling in while mom knits, right on top of the knitting bag…

Tonight, I sat down to knit, then realized the younger and more exuberant of the two was up to something he shouldn’t be in the kitchen. While working through the correction on that, and telling him that every surface of the kitchen was “MINE,” I had to shoo Briannag off of my knitting bag. She was climbing upon the couch right where I’d left the knitting bag. Talk about distractive efforts, especially as Zeus decided he should run into the bedroom after each good, firm, command.  I hope we’re making progress…I think he thought last nights homemade chili powder smelled good.


Putzer laying on the crocheted afghan my aunt made for dear James…

Once the dogs and I came to terms, I sat down to knit. I knit away on the lace chart as I have over the last two weeks, trying to keep things going according to the chart. While I knit, I noticed Briannag asleep on the other corner of the couch.  Squib decided to join us as well. Maeve was next to me in her favorite spot on the couch. Later I realized she was curled up on top of the knitting bag. Leave it to my cats to find the oddest places to sleep. Putzer was curled in the chair on one of his favorite spots, and Scamp was off on the floor.


Zeus, looking for some snuggles while mom knits…

After a bit, Zeus decided to check that Mom had indeed forgiven him and curled up next to her on the couch while stepping too close to Squib for comfort. Snuggling sounded really nice. Scamp woke up from her napping spot on the floor and sought mom out while giving her cooing meow to check that I was still here, I think. She’s the only cat I think I’ve had that coos and meows to tell you she is awake.


Scamp, seeking out mom to check on knitting progress…

Oh, wow, is this a knitting blog. There isn’t much to tell knitting wise, and I’m thankful for the kitties and puppies sleeping through most of it, as the photos will show you. There is progress on the sock, which would have been much more challenging with more interruptions.


Squib, checking my knitting progress, since Zeus woke him…

So, for this week, I’ll simply leave you with a log of sleeping pets and show you the progress on the knitting. Enjoy.  And, yes, that is cat hair likely found in my socks. I’ll never be able to claim my knits come from a pet free home.


Sock progress, see…told ya I made progress;-)


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