Managing Interruptions

June 5, 2015

I get it, really, I do. “Life is messy, full of interruptions and complications,” states Karl in Love, Actually (2003) when Sarah apologizes for her brother interrupting their blooming relationship scene. You want to scream at her to make another effort throughout the rest of the movie. But Karl is right, and this week, I’m simply knitting socks…but they’re a small love affair of their own.

001      Squib, wanting to snuggle as I knit.

I sat down Monday night, or Tuesday, whichever night I had enough energy to knit the inch of stockinette stitch that would lead me to the next section of hearts.  Shortly after I began, Squib decided to join me and offer some assistance with the knitting. I will never be able to claim these socks free of Squib hair.  He just matches the skein of yarn too well.

Fast forward to tonight, and I’m cooking and knitting. I’ve had a recipe I’ve been meaning to get finished much of the week, so I prepped it earlier tonight before I started knitting, and I placed the humble breakfast casserole in the fridge to rest before I cooked it. We were out of half and half, so I used greek yogurt with milk. It worked, thankfully. As I preheated the oven, I began the lace knitting chart. In the first row, Squib came to say “Hello, love me.” During the third row, Maeve decided to test my ability to memorize the row of knitting I was working on. Briannag decided to test my pattern for drool-proofness(waterproofing) as she snoozed on my leg. At this rate, its lucky I get any knitting done.

004Maeve, testing my memorization of a chart ability…

Then the familiar beep of my chat window happened, and my dear James was online during a break from work. I reported the kitties and puppies activities while attempting to knit the third row(a pattern row) and told him some about dinner. Once I finished row three, I set the knitting aside to finish with fewer interruptions.

006Briannag, testing the drool-worthiness of my jeans…or offering subliminal suggestions that I should let her have “her” spot back…

Dear James went back to work. I scooted the dog from my spot (Briannag truly thinks it is her spot), and poured a glass of wine. Then I knit the simple stockinette stitch for row four, and marked my spot.  I finished the row with about a minute left before the breakfast casserole was finished cooking. I waited for it and checked the egg setting. It looked done, but it’s hard to be certain the egg has set. I turned the oven off and returned the casserole to its warmth. It would help the egg be certainly set without overcooking it while I knit the next round.

017Squib, considering his chances to learn knitting…or my lap is on his way to there…

I was two-thirds of the way through row five when the timer went off five minutes later. I knit to the end, then pulled the casserole out once more. I knit a few more roles to let it cool, then at the end of row ten, decided I needed to eat as well. Its yummy. Its easier to pay attention with a full belly.

007Maeve interrupts my knitting for snuggles…

I also noticed tonight that I was developing a new counting system. I came up short on one of the rows, and had to tink back nineteen black stitches to repair the problem. I must have skipped knitting a yarn over stitch on a previous row. I quickly began counting each needle’s worth of stitches to be sure I had them all. There is no way I desire to tink back an entire row of this lace chart in black yarn. I have only had to for one needle at a time in this, and that was difficult enough to see.  Here’s the progress:


024 Current progress on the sock…one more lace heart repeat to go…then the heel.
May next week bring even more before I begin training to learn to deal roulette.

020Scamp, sleeping through my knitting, this time…


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