Second Sock…With Furry Company

May 29, 2015

After working through the cast-on and ruffle decreases, I needed to knit an inch of cuff before I began the lace chart. I found it relatively easy to simply knit in straight stockinette for ten rows, or about one-inch of cuff. At the ten row point, which my last notes confirmed, I set the knitting aside Monday night, and left it alone until tonight.

It’s Thursday night, or Friday morning for some of you, which I love. I get to recover from the over a hundred half squats I performed while dealing Poker four about four hours, with breaks in there, too. Dear James is stuck at work(the poor guy), and I only have critter company, which doesn’t usually require much thinking, other than “Get out of my knitting or sewing bag.”

004Squib immediately sat down with me to inspect my sewing items this evening.

He pretended he wasn’t curious the entire time I had the camera on, until I left the strap dangling. After a bit, he settled down and snuggled in. Zeus decided on his spot next to the couch where he makes up his own bed. Scamp took the footstool that serves as a pet bed, more than a foot stool, anymore.  It’s not like we spoil the animals here, no? Briannag chose to keep her spot at the end of the couch. She was worn out jogging a bit in the heat earlier and likely won’t move much until Dad comes home.


Briannag, holding down her end of the couch…Zeus, snuggling as mom knit.

As I knit, I checked my notes. I’ve begun to learn my lesson. While I primarily have hash marks in the proper places, they’re enough to remind me what I did before. I began knitting the chart with minimal distractions other than animals changing places to snuggle up, or find somewhere else to sleep.  I even got through one entire repeat of the chart and knit the 16th row of the chart I sort of added.


Maeve joining the snuggle fest with mom…knitting needle on left above the cat…

The chart stops at 15 rows, which ends at the bottom knit 2 together and yarn over in the point of the heart. While I am going into stockinette right after, I feel it better to secure the chart with a row of stockinette before I set the work down until next time. You may note this is denoted to the right side of the chart with a simple hash-mark.


You can see the chart reasonably here, but I did not photograph the key on purpose. This pattern is available free from its designer at the following link:

012Scamp decided it was best to settle for Zeus’ homemade bed in the meantime.

It’s simple, but it’s effective and leaves me worrying less about how far I have to frog or tink back to fix things if stitches come off the needles. I have enough choice words or phrases for when stitches come off the needles. I’m not leaving a lace chart to chance on that one. Now, to get one more photo without much cat intervention and show you what I mean. Until next week, happy knitting.


Here’s the progress I likely would not have made if Dear James had been at home.

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