G’night Ritual

May 11, 2015

*Mom gathers her sweater and puts it on to ward off the chill of these spring evenings…Scamp coos to her as she runs to their usual rendezvous spot.

Dear Mom:

Where are you going? Pet me.

Love, Scamp


Scamp’s all ready for mom to pet her goodnight.

*Scamp coos as she jumps on an end table she is usually allowed on. Mom grabs her backpack and prepares to start the car.

Dear Scamp:

It’s time for me to go to my own bed.  I’m going home.

Love, Mom


Getting permission to scratch Scamp’s ears…

Dear Mom:

Pet me. I’m thinking about running with you. I miss that house. But Squib isn’t there for me to pounce on him.

Love, Scamp


Scamp approving the goodnight ritual

*Mom pets Scamp and scratches behind her ears…Scamp’s favorite

Dear Scamp:

I’ll be back in the morning. You’ll be fine with the other kitties…never mind. I see you making tracks for the food dish.

Love, Mom


And she’s off…trust me…

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