Fantasy vs. Reality

May 8, 2015

Finals are finished..studying is done…the stress of school has ended(for this term). I did well. I got one wrong on each exam. Part of me wants to know which one I got wrong.  It’s almost like that one mistake you didn’t catch; you wonder when it happened, but realized it’d be more work to fix it, than to leave it be. After all, these questions did not prevent me from getting a better grade.


See, I did do some knitting, with help from Squib, who wanted his backside scratched.

However, I had grand plans of knitting when I was done with classes…I had grand plans of knitting right up to the toe so I could knit the toe over the next week. I was going to get inches of knitting done tonight, even with the kitty and puppy help; after an intense week of studying, the knitting would be a release. That was my week’s fantasy.


Even with Maeve’s snuggle time, I was going to get to that toe…

This fantasy saw me through the top fifty of the top sixty drugs, which was mostly like a review for me. It helped me survive the stress of reliving the quizzes I thoroughly disliked all semester long. These wonderful plans to knit got me through the next night of studying lots of definitions for the next exam that was more straightforward and had a review that made it feel more like a worksheet to begin with than an exam. It did turn into an exam, one I did quite well on.


Zeus either wants to take up knitting, or was relaxing while I threw together pasta I’d forgotten to make for dinner…

So, the studying is done. The books have been sold or stored. The note cards have been thoroughly ignored. Then duty called. I recently learned my niece was in a play tonight. I had finished my exam in time to make it to the play.I even got there early enough to let my nephew put my life in his hands behind the wheel of his mom’s car…perhaps I should have driven myself. We did make it safely. Sorry, David, I did not get pics of you driving. But he’s been starting cars since you could figure out the moving parts of a door and ignition.


I could have knit at the play, if only I’d planned ahead…(not my strong suit during finals week)…

The play was entertaining…these middle schoolers were decent at slapstick. Plus, I like plays. I got to watch my niece chase an “ugly duckling” behind his duck brother and sister using a broom. She looked like she enjoyed it(or maybe it was that the ugly duckling was one of her older brother’s friends).  Then I visited with my sister-in-law until she hit her bedtime and my stomach nearly began to rumble in protest at not having been fed in a couple of hours. I’d forgotten to take my baby carrots when I agreed to ride along with my nephew and sister-in-law to the play.

019I promise, I made progress…perhaps I’ll finally get to the toe for next week…

Once I got home and finished my computer stuff I’d neglected this week. I got about a half-inch of knitting completed.  My grand fantasy of getting to the toes has fallen distinctly shorter than the length of my foot.  I’m not even ready to try it on…and I’m not sure my toes are pretty enough today.  I could make further grand plans for next week, but I have a short trip to take and some sewing to work on.  Not to mention getting the transcripts rated and seeking out scholarships for further schooling funds.020

Another view of my progress…I should have take better measurements…alas, no kitten help at this point either…

But the fantasy will often help the day go by, and I did get some knitting done. I’ll take the small wins, and I wouldn’t trade being able to see my niece’s play for anything;-).

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