Back and Forth….

May 1, 2015

As I knit the foot of the sock, I’m working my way into sock-foot depression. It’s the week before finals, and life feels crazy. It will be okay. It just won’t feel okay until the final exams are completed. I’ll really breathe easier once I see the grades and learn they’re as good as I stress over.

In the meantime, It was a good day to kick off lots of studying for finals. I finished the lab final with a perfect grade in one class today. I got to leave early and enjoy a walk with Dear James and the puppies. Once we returned home, I snagged a bottle of water and headed out to my little’s softball game. It’s her first game, and due to class getting out really early, I arrived at the ballpark in the next town over on time. I got to watch her game with her grandma and see them do well once they warmed up.


The couch before I sat down to knit….not much room there…

Of course, I’m a proud Big. I snagged photos. Since my Little is nine, let’s just say I also got photos of her checking out what was going on behind the game instead of in the game…I will not post pictures of my Little here as 1) I have not asked grandma if I may and 2) I don’t feel children’s photos belong all over the internet. No worries, I still have cats and puppies. But I digress, allow me to explain what a Big and Little is.

005Tonight’s knitting snuggler-Zeus

I volunteer a few hours a month with Big Brothers, Big Sisters which is an excellent mentoring program for kids they feel have or are facing adversity. In other words, none of these kids have had it easy, and that gives each of them a soft spot in my heart. So, when I can perform the simple activity of watching a softball game (fastpitch, I believe), in the midst of my busy schedule as I go into the previously mentioned stress-filled finals week, I enjoy it. This weekend, I’m taking her to a play.

I did promise you some knitting, but the softball game was much more interesting. The girls were working on stealing bases. In fact, as I watched them start off to steal the base, just as often as they made a run for it, they had to return to the base they were on. I felt just a little bad for the pitcher who simply was not used to watching for base stealers in softball.  Some of the girls were better at hitting foul balls while they were up to bat, so I got to watch some of the girls take a few steps off base and scurry back to the same base. But once they got a good opportunity and were off, they were onto the next base before you knew it. It was a pretty impressive sight.  A couple of them even worked on their slides into home plate and lucky for them, the catcher was still a bit confused at all the activity.

016Measuring the progress as I inch along on this sock;-)

Now, there was a sock I’ve been working on, when I wasn’t watching the game or studying for a class that makes me want to scream. With the two colors, I’m knitting and purling often instead of knitting in the round.  I sit there, after clearing the cat and dog off of my knitting spot on the couch, and I began knitting. I knit the black, then I purl it back to the original side.  Then I switch needles,  and I knit the ivory color to the end of its needles, then I purl it back. As I finish a row or two of knits and purls, I combine the two sides as I have mentioned in previous posts.  Below are the results. Since I feel as if I am making little progress, I have even considered  measuring the foot of the sock so I can measure how far I’m getting.

010Tape Measure disappearing as I take the photo…

Don’t worry, there is still some cat participation after all. If you pull out the tape measure and let it dangle like a ribbon, the kittens will come.

014Reason the tape measure disappeared…aka Squib helping me measure a sock…

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