Not a True Periscope….

April 17, 2015

…Do they make periscopes vented?

How do I explain it? The sock has become a periscope. However, it is not a true periscope. The eyelets  keep the sock from forming a true looking periscope, as do the knit stitches. It wouldn’t hold water or block it out. But it is the shape of a periscope. Though the eyelets may  be uneven, they are assisting their purpose.


Making the periscope shape

The sock will be two-toned, as well as vented. I have considered switching entirely to the cream color of yarn for the foot, but have decided against it. My reasoning is simply more than one shoe style. While I like these work shoes, and will likely buy them again, I have to consider that I am a woman, and I may consider an open foot style of shoe if I can find the same or a similar comfort level of shoes.

029See, it’s vented,

Therefore, the top of the foot of the sock must remain black. The eyelets will continue, the sock will remain vented.  However, as I knit the periscope into a sock-footed shape, I have time to think. I have considered keeping the hearts going along the sock, but that poses a couple of small problems.

030Unevenly vented, but better photos than last week

The first small problem is that I prefer to knit a section of hearts in one setting. With the eyelets and two-tones, this takes a bit more time. I still have to get studying in at this time. In addition, The knit and purl technique I’m using, while feasible, is  not easily followed for a lace chart. Though I have to admit, I may finally figure out how to correctly follow a lace chart if I were to try this.


Scamp, pretending she doesn’t care about the knitting

For now, I will knit my vented two-toned socks simply, while the kitties slumber nearby, pretending not to be that interested in my knitting…I’m not certain I should believe their disinterest. We shall see how long it lasts. Scamp is growing up, but some days she still has plenty of mischievous kitten within.


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