Eyelets on the Foot

April 10, 2015

No knitting was accomplished this week. None, nada, zilch. It’s almost disappointing. But it’s been a busy week of quizzes(semi-hearty ones) and papers and recuperation. I’ll get to the recuperation first.


Maeve snuggling with me for comfort…I can’t blame her for not getting knitting done, she usually behaves

I’m not normally sick as often as I have been this winter into spring season. However, as I was getting over a light cold, with a nasty cough, I needed a TB test. And just after I began improving from that cough, I needed a Tetanus shot, complete with diphtheria for treatment against whooping cough. So, now I’m fighting off another cough. All of them light, none of them allowing me to sleep as much as I need to recuperate. Alas, I’m working on recuperation still and due to the studying required, I have not knit a single stitch this week.

As for the quizzes and the paper, they weren’t hard, but I’ll attribute that to the time I put in studying, as opposed to very accurate study guides.  But that’s enough about my studies, let’s get back to the knitting I haven’t done. I hinted at purling these socks and eyelets last week, now allow me to tell you about them.

011One attempt at photographing the eyelets I’m creating

Since I’m knitting the gusset and the foot of the sock in two colors, I’ve been creative with the design.  For the first time since I began knitting socks, I am purling every other row. As a result of the purling after knitting a row, I have two sections of sock that must be combined. I could combine these socks through a mattress or kitchener stitch after they’re knit, or I could attempt to carry the yarn along the needles. However, the knit together combination to create an eyelet is what I chose. It’s working for me.


A glaring attempt to show you the eyelets…

I decided to knit the two strands of yarn together. I do sometimes knit two together to create the stitch to make the eyelet. At other times, when it doesn’t line up with the knit two together stitch, I knit the second strand with the last stitch of the other color. This stitch does create a hole in the sock, but I see it as an air vent, and know that my lacy socks are more comfortable for wear in the spring and fall as well as simply in the winter.

006   A slightly better attempt…it will be interesting to watch these eyelets form…

For now, I will likely have cream-bottomed black socks I will wear to work all year. I’m told work is colder in the summer than in the winter…. Wish me luck.


Maeve’s still snuggly; I’ll have to make more progress next week.


2 Responses to “Eyelets on the Foot”

  1. There does seem to have been a particularly vicious bunch of viruses and other lurgies around these past few months. Wishing you much improved health from now on. And I’m curious to see the socks finished, too. 🙂 Maeve is gorgeous, by the way.

  2. Thank you! I did fall in love with her from a similar pick when I saw her posted at the shelter, about six years ago. She was the calmer of the two kitties I was considering, and she liked my nieces better, so she became my regal kitty. I find there is never a need to remind a cat they’re a queen;-)

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