Untangling When I Wanted to Be Purling

April 3, 2015

This week, I was musing on my blog as I knit. I entirely planned to talk about purling and the eyelets the purling of a sock in the round create when you rejoin the two colors of yarn. Then I pulled on a yarn in the skein to find yet another tangle to work through when I sat down tonight. I began lightly wrapping the yarn around my fingers, but the skein was too large to fit upon them easily.

So, I took a page from a friend’s suggestion book. She saw a video where someone took a hand mixer, attached a toilet paper tube and wound their yarn around it. She likely made it look easy. I reached for a toilet paper tube, cut notches in the end and gently secured the yarn in the notch. Then I began to do this winding of tangled yarn by hand. For the past few hours as I’ve defended my yarn from even more tangles, though we’re almost there, I’ve mused about the simpler possibilities.007See, I did make some sock progress

Dear James bought me the yarn at the local yarn store. The proprietor has always offered to wind the yarn for me. He could even had told her he thought I would use the pointy needles he was buying to knit it. He could have presented it already wound. Oh, how thoughtful that would be. Yes, I entertained this thought tonight while unraveling yarn.

I also entertained the other possibility. I knew where he bought the yarn. I could have easily walked in there with this pretty skein of yarn and asked the proprietor to wind the yarn for me. It would likely have taken about fifteen minutes of my time, thirty at most. Then I could have accomplished more studying and knitting. Oh, how productive that would have been. Yes, I also entertained this thought while winding the yarn around my crude spool.

In addition, I gained new culprits in the yarn challenge tonight. At one point, Maeve decided my lap and yarn entanglement looked like the perfect napping spot. The photo is above. At another point, Putzer decided he needed to play with the yarn I was untangling. Squib inspected for a moment, but ran once the camera came out.


Putzer, pawing at the yarn hanging down

Scamp thought better of it and pretended to ignore it all while getting some attention because Maeve was already snuggled into my lap.

020Scamp’s passing glance…

I may never work alone…unless I knit in the petless house. I’d rather have my cuddlers though, even if I have to chase them out of the knitting. Though I have to scoot the dog off the couch so I can finish untangling, now. Perhaps next week I’ll go back to talking about socks…perhaps.


Zeus, guarding my yarn, or hoping for a snuggle, with Maeve–she gets first crack at all yarn tonight.


One Response to “Untangling When I Wanted to Be Purling”

  1. Carol Says:

    We do like to be in the thick of things! 🙂

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