I’m sitting here tonight thinking on the knitting I haven’t gotten to yet this week, and wondering just how much progress I can make on my sock before I need to write up and publish my blog. Maeve chooses this moment to take advantage of my open lap and hops in for a snuggle. Maeve loves snuggles. Briannag has been bugging from the couch for snuggles every time I cursed the book quiz I need to finish before the regularly scheduled class time next week.


The current amount of progress….this is just a sock to be, the cuteness is below;-)

It has been a week of ups and downs, the ups were not always enough to compensate the downs, but only if I dwell on each day separately. I do not have class so early next Wednesday that I need to change my sleep schedule from overnights to days; however, we also miss out on a review, and the instructor is providing a book based exam. I have cursed anything book based in the entire class. It’s often confusing at best. However, I’m focusing more on the ups, and listening to Bon Jovi’s song “Have a Nice Day” as I contemplate my week.

The biggest up was dinner with my oldest niece at Bob Evans-nothing fancy, but she’d never been there. Part of our goal is to go places she’s never been. We’re considering finding the best burger served at each place we dine at and are keeping a commemorative journal of our dinners. She even told me she wants to be a food critic when she grows up, amongst her twelve other jobs she may or may not be able to accomplish via freelance work. It was a great dinner. (Phones were not present at this event, except to make a quick note to pick up a journal, which we did). Photos were not taken either.

In the meantime, how far do you think I can get? I promise to get photos too.

001Scamp’s immediate nosedive into the knitting bag…

Now, I retrieved my knitting bag from its home in the chair, where it is tied shut to keep curious kittens out of it. This is a requirement, as you’ll notice Scamp immediately made a nose-dive into the bag when I set it on the edge of the couch and placed my pillow in its proper back-supporting position.

Once I snapped the photograph and shooed Scamp out of the knitting bag, I began cursing at the sixteen dropped stitches I needed to pick up. Diligently, and patiently, I slipped them back on the needle one at a time. I resisted the urge to overwork the knitting using two needles. Some days, I feel I’ve become quite good at returning stitches to their rightful needles so that I may continue my work.


Putzer inspecting the sock

005     Squib not letting Putzer hog the sock to himself

Then I set about the business of knitting, and does long fibrous strands moving across needles create an interesting diversion for the most discernible curious creature. The couch suddenly became full of furry felines, wondering if mom would let them play with some of the yarn she only gets out on those special days.

011I do mean full; Zeus takes up nearly half the couch on his own

Then I continued to knit and purl and created uneven eyelets to connect the two socks, and decreased the one extra stitch I’d managed to pick up, likely before I dropped the sixteen cream colored stitches. The extra stitch was on the black yarn side of things.  However, I knit away, and while I hoped to get two inches of progress in, I think I got closer to one and a half. I didn’t measure before I started though, so I can’t be certain. We can only guess if I have room for before and after shots, or if you are so inclined to check last weeks blog. In the meantime, while I won’t be finishing this sock in the next week, I will be diligently continuing to knit it.

012Briannag, or Miss Whiny about attention, boycotting the knitting. It takes up too many of mom’s hands…

I’m hoping it provides some sanity in the cursing of the book exam. Its said to be open book, but I have experience with this book, open book is as much of a curse as closed book with poor wording. Alas, I have made progress with the sock, and I had a great time at dinner with my niece. Those will be my focal points this week. After all, once you get past the periscope, its all simply perspective. For the rest of it, I’ll enjoy a glass of wine and take the semi-immortal Bon Jovi words of the world getting in my face to heart and say “Have a nice day!” I sometimes wonder if they substitute other words for nice.


Briannag joining the party after she smells the wine mom poured…

Not a True Periscope….

April 17, 2015

…Do they make periscopes vented?

How do I explain it? The sock has become a periscope. However, it is not a true periscope. The eyelets  keep the sock from forming a true looking periscope, as do the knit stitches. It wouldn’t hold water or block it out. But it is the shape of a periscope. Though the eyelets may  be uneven, they are assisting their purpose.


Making the periscope shape

The sock will be two-toned, as well as vented. I have considered switching entirely to the cream color of yarn for the foot, but have decided against it. My reasoning is simply more than one shoe style. While I like these work shoes, and will likely buy them again, I have to consider that I am a woman, and I may consider an open foot style of shoe if I can find the same or a similar comfort level of shoes.

029See, it’s vented,

Therefore, the top of the foot of the sock must remain black. The eyelets will continue, the sock will remain vented.  However, as I knit the periscope into a sock-footed shape, I have time to think. I have considered keeping the hearts going along the sock, but that poses a couple of small problems.

030Unevenly vented, but better photos than last week

The first small problem is that I prefer to knit a section of hearts in one setting. With the eyelets and two-tones, this takes a bit more time. I still have to get studying in at this time. In addition, The knit and purl technique I’m using, while feasible, is  not easily followed for a lace chart. Though I have to admit, I may finally figure out how to correctly follow a lace chart if I were to try this.


Scamp, pretending she doesn’t care about the knitting

For now, I will knit my vented two-toned socks simply, while the kitties slumber nearby, pretending not to be that interested in my knitting…I’m not certain I should believe their disinterest. We shall see how long it lasts. Scamp is growing up, but some days she still has plenty of mischievous kitten within.

Eyelets on the Foot

April 10, 2015

No knitting was accomplished this week. None, nada, zilch. It’s almost disappointing. But it’s been a busy week of quizzes(semi-hearty ones) and papers and recuperation. I’ll get to the recuperation first.


Maeve snuggling with me for comfort…I can’t blame her for not getting knitting done, she usually behaves

I’m not normally sick as often as I have been this winter into spring season. However, as I was getting over a light cold, with a nasty cough, I needed a TB test. And just after I began improving from that cough, I needed a Tetanus shot, complete with diphtheria for treatment against whooping cough. So, now I’m fighting off another cough. All of them light, none of them allowing me to sleep as much as I need to recuperate. Alas, I’m working on recuperation still and due to the studying required, I have not knit a single stitch this week.

As for the quizzes and the paper, they weren’t hard, but I’ll attribute that to the time I put in studying, as opposed to very accurate study guides.  But that’s enough about my studies, let’s get back to the knitting I haven’t done. I hinted at purling these socks and eyelets last week, now allow me to tell you about them.

011One attempt at photographing the eyelets I’m creating

Since I’m knitting the gusset and the foot of the sock in two colors, I’ve been creative with the design.  For the first time since I began knitting socks, I am purling every other row. As a result of the purling after knitting a row, I have two sections of sock that must be combined. I could combine these socks through a mattress or kitchener stitch after they’re knit, or I could attempt to carry the yarn along the needles. However, the knit together combination to create an eyelet is what I chose. It’s working for me.


A glaring attempt to show you the eyelets…

I decided to knit the two strands of yarn together. I do sometimes knit two together to create the stitch to make the eyelet. At other times, when it doesn’t line up with the knit two together stitch, I knit the second strand with the last stitch of the other color. This stitch does create a hole in the sock, but I see it as an air vent, and know that my lacy socks are more comfortable for wear in the spring and fall as well as simply in the winter.

006   A slightly better attempt…it will be interesting to watch these eyelets form…

For now, I will likely have cream-bottomed black socks I will wear to work all year. I’m told work is colder in the summer than in the winter…. Wish me luck.


Maeve’s still snuggly; I’ll have to make more progress next week.

This week, I was musing on my blog as I knit. I entirely planned to talk about purling and the eyelets the purling of a sock in the round create when you rejoin the two colors of yarn. Then I pulled on a yarn in the skein to find yet another tangle to work through when I sat down tonight. I began lightly wrapping the yarn around my fingers, but the skein was too large to fit upon them easily.

So, I took a page from a friend’s suggestion book. She saw a video where someone took a hand mixer, attached a toilet paper tube and wound their yarn around it. She likely made it look easy. I reached for a toilet paper tube, cut notches in the end and gently secured the yarn in the notch. Then I began to do this winding of tangled yarn by hand. For the past few hours as I’ve defended my yarn from even more tangles, though we’re almost there, I’ve mused about the simpler possibilities.007See, I did make some sock progress

Dear James bought me the yarn at the local yarn store. The proprietor has always offered to wind the yarn for me. He could even had told her he thought I would use the pointy needles he was buying to knit it. He could have presented it already wound. Oh, how thoughtful that would be. Yes, I entertained this thought tonight while unraveling yarn.

I also entertained the other possibility. I knew where he bought the yarn. I could have easily walked in there with this pretty skein of yarn and asked the proprietor to wind the yarn for me. It would likely have taken about fifteen minutes of my time, thirty at most. Then I could have accomplished more studying and knitting. Oh, how productive that would have been. Yes, I also entertained this thought while winding the yarn around my crude spool.

In addition, I gained new culprits in the yarn challenge tonight. At one point, Maeve decided my lap and yarn entanglement looked like the perfect napping spot. The photo is above. At another point, Putzer decided he needed to play with the yarn I was untangling. Squib inspected for a moment, but ran once the camera came out.


Putzer, pawing at the yarn hanging down

Scamp thought better of it and pretended to ignore it all while getting some attention because Maeve was already snuggled into my lap.

020Scamp’s passing glance…

I may never work alone…unless I knit in the petless house. I’d rather have my cuddlers though, even if I have to chase them out of the knitting. Though I have to scoot the dog off the couch so I can finish untangling, now. Perhaps next week I’ll go back to talking about socks…perhaps.


Zeus, guarding my yarn, or hoping for a snuggle, with Maeve–she gets first crack at all yarn tonight.