Sock footed in two colors

March 27, 2015

Tonight, I sat down with my knitting with the sole intention of turning the heel. My friends had gone to bed, likely. I still had homework to do. Dinner was done, and I’d had a glass of wine. I decided to knit before I tackled the homework. I knit the heel turn in cream colored yarn. That was likely the easy part, except the did I finish it off right, but sock heels and gussets can be forgiving. If they weren’t, I doubt we’d start planning the next pair as we were knitting the challenges of the current pair.


The heel is turned, the periscope is formed…

Once I knit the heel turn, I got to begin decreasing the gusset. This is a bit of a challenge as the top half of the sock and heel flap are black. The bottom half of the sock and heel flap are cream. Decisions needed to be made so I could keep this black on the top half and cream on the bottom half. I think I’ve worked out a mostly happy medium, but I’m not entirely sure yet. You’ll see it in the pictures. It is impossible to miss.


Front view of the periscope and cream-ribbon

The cuteness comes in puppy form, as one of the times I set the knitting aside to check the broccoli I decided needed to be added to dinner, the dog curled up next to the knitting. I’m not sure if he’s guarding the knitting or if he’s telling me its time to put it away to cuddle…. At least he doesn’t try to eat the yarn.


Zeus, guarding the yarn, while stealing my pillow…

Alas, I’m at a reasonable place and will have a few interestingly worked eyelet combinations to keep my bi-colored socks knit in the round while knitting and purling each yarn color to make this work. The good news is, the decreases only happen on the knit sides. Sometimes, I think its easier to follow this way. If I were any more tired, I’d probably be further lost, wondering if I remembered the decrease.  I think I’m just going to take photos and show you at this point. 006

The eyelets created by knitting and purling two colors of yarn in the round

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