To Knit More Lace Or To Knit in Simply Stockinette…

March 6, 2015

I decided during my crazy-busy week of mid-terms and laundry and stress from schedule changes, I decided to give in tonight and do nothing related to studying. I do mean nothing, with the exception of checking my grades. I typed up some previous writing for a story I like to work on. I photographed the cats reclaiming my work chair. I photographed the dog when she tried to turn a stocking stuffer gift into a puppy toy. Then I sat down to finish planning the spacing for the next set of lace hearts. It seems that when your brain is fried after midterms, or even during, one just isn’t enough.

005Squib, guarding the yarn(so he says) during a break…

I thought I’d worked out spacing for eight rows in between the sixteen row hearts. Only there may be two problems. I like to anchor my work, which I discovered after row sixteen this evening, and I missed the mark, I believe. In addition, I may have forgotten to mark a row as I was knitting the “eight” spacer rows. I may now have ten spacer rows.

I have yet to decide if two sets of hearts will be enough or if I will attempt to recreate this spacing(which I will have to do on the second sock as well) or if I knit in the round for a few more inches. I currently have three and a half inches of leg, and the pattern calls for six inches. I’ve debated if I’m going to knit one more spacer and one more set of hearts, or if I wish to attempt two more sets of hearts. Then again, I suspect this sock will look cute enough with only two sets of hearts.


Squib, checking out the work I’m really doing, since I’m not petting him.

Why make it harder than it needs to be? Because I like challenge. Because if there is a challenge, something pulls me back to push through it. If I simply knit in the round for two and a half more inches, I will have to make getting to the heel flap the goal, and decide how to knit this set-up, as there will be a distinctive choice. So, for next week, I may have to decide between more open lace work hearts and faster method to the heel.


The second set of hearts worked into the sock…I hope this fits;-)
If I choose more hearts, I have to figure out an amount close to what I knit before for the spacers. Ah, the choices knitting brings us. Perhaps I will design my own sock one day. However, I will not be going to class when that happens. Wish me luck with this (black)hearted sock and the next.


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