Reading a Lace Knitting Chart…

February 27, 2015

…is harder than it looks. I can say this. This is the second time I’ve truly attempted knitting a lace pattern from a chart. The first time I knit the pattern entirely upside-down. I don’t think it mattered much, those socks still came out looking reasonably good, just not perfect. But they are lace-work.

002Maeve, snuggling in while I knit

006Squib, inspecting the knitting as well as my lap

This is the second attempt to knit lace. I happen to be using black yarn. I’ve learned that you start from the bottom. As I knit row four across and began on row five with less kitten help, but more puppy help, I wondered if I was knitting this chart correctly. The author went easy on me, making every other row a knit across row. It reads like a palindrome.


Briannag, re-claiming her couch spot

The heart I’m knitting into the socks does not. It’s close, but there’s a stitch to the left or right of center from time to time. I do not know if I am knitting the heart in the correct order. I don’t know if I can find this out, even if I look up the blog. Excuse me while I pop over here to check.

I cannot tell from the pattern. The good news is that it doesn’t matter. So long as I remain consistent, I should get a good heart shape in my black socks. Photographing these hearts may prove to be another matter, and that took over my thoughts as I knit more rows of the pattern. I’m wondering what I have that contrasts with black yarn without stretching the work yet to utilize to show off the lace work I’m not sure I’m completing correctly.


One of the hearts I so diligently knit tonight

Alas, one day, I may learn to master lace-knitting, perhaps. For now, I’ll master keeping the kitties and puppies out of the yarn. It may become easier to master the lace-knitting charts, however. Now, I must decide if I will place more hearts along the leg, or if I shall leave the leg in stockinette stitch.

010Scamp joined me again shortly after I picked up the knitting once again.


2 Responses to “Reading a Lace Knitting Chart…”

  1. Crooked Tracks Says:

    I think knitting lace is so very hard, your heart looks so cute 🙂

  2. Since I require challenge in my knitting, i think its easier than it looks or sounds. I will say, following the ten stitch repeat was easier than following the sixteen stitch repeat. The author of the ten stitch repeat suggested it could be memorized, but my memory is not that good! Thank you for your compliment.

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