Caught Red-Handed…Or The Lost Yarn is Found

February 20, 2015

“Scamp! @)($#$*(&@!” I will not repeat those words in this polite company. I took a photograph of where the skein ended up…this time. Too many dishes needed to be done in the area where the actually knitted sock ruffle landed…. Though Zeus might find it fibrous, and he would likely try to eat it, especially if Briannag showed any interest. Mom would be concerned about two dogs and angry about her knitting all at the same time.

001Where the skein of yarn ended up, with the squiggly part being that which was stretched about fifteen feet in cat-play.

Let me explain the yarn trajectory. The knitting bag, where I try to keep my knitting is in a chair by the outside window. Which sits perpendicular to the couch a few feet away. The skein of yarn landed on the couch, the ruffle of sock and the knitting needles traveled over the back of the couch, beyond the table behind the couch past the “dining area” and beyond the freezer and landed in the dog’s dish just beyond the freezer as the cat dropped the knitting with the yelling I won’t repeat in polite company, and continued down the basement stairs, where she’s pretty sure I can’t reach her.

After all, there’s an obstacle course of a baby gate to the basement, that any cat can scale, but the humans don’t often. Okay, okay, we’ve never scaled it, but we do know how to disable it.

So I gave into my curiosity and decided to check for the pink yarn I could not find, to see if it found a similar fate the black yarn project might have had if not for me catching said kitten in the act. I removed the baby gate–by this time, Scamp had forgotten I’d yelled at her, as the yarn was tucked safely back in the bag. I turned on the light and headed downstairs, into the dark. I came back up to turn on the other light and headed back to the dark. Just my luck, we get to change a lightbulb when we change the litter boxes this weekend. I searched out the flashlight, which ended up being in plain sight on the larger table after I tried the one with dying batteries we play games with the cats with(to reward them for not stealing my yarn, for example).

004Silly Scamp, playing with Zeus’ beloved, bedraggled tennis ball.

As I searched the basement, Scamp showed me and told me all about her hidey-spaces, I checked some unlikely ones, and finally came around to under the stairs, where the skein of pink yarn was resting, undisturbed as if Scamp meant to keep it there. In Scamp’s defense, Squib is just as likely to have done this, but today, Scamp was caught with the black sock knitting project red-handed, complete with the “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mom,” look.


The lost yarn, in need of a good tape-dusting, but otherwise unharmed.

Now, I have to remove the cat hair and dust from the yarn. I’m hoping some simple scotch tape works well. Though its currently hidden in my boot box, with the lid snugly in place, as Scamp was already eye-balling the yarn for a repeat trip. My Dear James, chuckled at this entire episode as he suggested knitting bags that zip shut. I’m afraid the entire bag will disappear next.

010The knit ruffle Naughty Scamp dropped in the dog food dish, empty-thankfully.

Alas, in my defense…five rows of straight stockinette stitch were knit this week. I decided not to rib for simplicity’s sake, but I can talk about that next week as I discuss the next five rows and the implementation of the heart chart…perhaps. Right now, I’m vacillating between laughing my tush off at the cats and investigating industrial strength knitting packaging the cats will likely find a way to run off with as well.

*Note: Squib has learned the sound of the camera turning on, and currently refuses to be photographed in association with the yarn-capades in which he and Scamp partake.


One Response to “Caught Red-Handed…Or The Lost Yarn is Found”

  1. Carol Says:

    My moms LOVE it when I play with their knitting! Okay, maybe not. But I sure love it!! How can a cat resist?

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