No Knitting This Week, This Blog Shamelessly Taken Over by Homework, Pets and Books

February 6, 2015

Sadly, there was no knitting this week. I took it home one day to hopefully get some extra time and became inundated with homework while finishing recovering from a cold. I meant to get to it. I meant to remember it. I left it where I can not get to it at this time; at least, not without a bunch of extra effort.

Instead, I’m going to content myself with the notion that I got other, necessary errands taken care of this week, and most of my homework done, and most of the quizzes and tests went well. Most of them. I’m still figuring out one of the classes, but I got a very low grade for me, and I’m an A student, so I’m hoping the rest of the class did as poorly as I did. I don’t wish any of them well, but its far easier to convince a teacher it’s not your study habits when the whole class does poorly. Alas, Medical Terminology, I may grow to love to hate you and suck up a low grade. I hope this trend does not continue.


Med Term notecards…with Zeus’ help.

I did get a chicken roasted this evening, and I have been scooting cats off of books and notecards and dogs off of my lap all week when I wasn’t furiously studying note cards for brand names and generic names of twenty of the top 200 drugs prescribed in the U.S.A. I did amaze myself at the mnemonics I came up with to remember these, such as Methyl and Prenihad a date at the Concerta; see to ADHD…Which read is methylprenidate (Concerta), a C-II(controlled substance of the highest level allowed to be prescribed in the U.S.) to treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). It’s a mouthful, but it makes it fun and it sticks with you better. Well, it did for this quiz, anyhow.

In other news, since I was lacking photos of me doing homework, which are by no means exciting, I found these gems for the crocheters out there….My aunt Maryal needed a gift idea for my dear James, and I presented her with a few skeins of camouflage yarn that had been passed down to me a few years ago. I asked her to make him an afghan out of them, as I was still busy knitting socks and would be going to school. The said afghan has her own additions to it and is photographed below.

006 002

Dog tested, Cat approved…or vise versa.

Alas, there was no knitting, as there is a proper snow(you’re welcome to come visit to see) which makes me want to move south. Kentucky is not far enough, this year. I think they still have snow as well. I’m thinking the tropics, really. There has not been sewing, but I may see to that relatively secret birthday gift shortly, and I really need to return to the super-secret birthday gift as well. More about that as well. Please excuse me as real-life intervened this week and sacked the knitting for now. I will get some done this coming week, before my first, signed new release of book #40, Obsession in Death arrives in the mail, and I become entirely obsessed with my favorite detective and her hot, handsome, and thoughtful husband.

Get yours here;-)

Also on my current reading list, when I’m in bed not-knitting, is Sarah MacLean’s Never Judge a Lady By Her Cover. I love the Rules of Scoundrels series and how it interacts with her 9,10, 11 series…for lack of a better take.

or here….don’t scroll all the way down until you’ve read the first three books in the series. Trust me;-)

If you wish for a different, more fun take on historical romance where you will fall into the story, this is the series for you. Get it, you won’t be disappointed. See you next week, when perhaps I’ve started on the hearts of the black-hearted socks, finally.


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