Slowly Making Ruffles

January 30, 2015

I love ruffles. They’re cute, they’re adorable, they’re so sweet. And if I am to make socks for work, I wish them to be cute, even if they have to be mostly black. I want a pair of socks I’m still willing to wear when I no longer need black socks for my uniform. Hopefully, I will no longer need a uniform, period. However, ruffles can be a wee bit of a pain to knit, and I can’t even complain about it, because I’m only knitting the wide part in black. I haven’t even gotten to the decreasing with black yarn.

However, I’m more quickly than expected switching back to the silvery-green aluminum knitting needles as it is nearly impossible to see black on dark brown. Trust me on this, let this voice of experience speak for you. Knitting with black yarn on dark brown needles is not half as fun as it sounds. There is not enough light in the world to slip into a size 2 stitch. If such a light source can be created, I’ll likely need a shade 10 or better welding helmet to work with it. Shading said light source will cause more problems than it will fix.

001   Last week’s work…black yarn on dark brown needles. Now, please, scroll down and notice the difference as you read.

Now, let me tell you the one good thing about knitting ruffles. I’m not seriously counting stitches every round. It’s difficult. I believe I’m supposed to have 256 stitches on three needles (I hope its three). I’ve decided to be a rebel as ruffles are forgiving of a stitch or two. However, if you start finishing the knitting before you are ready to throw it in the snow(and we do have a wee bit of snow and icy stuff on the ground in Michigan), you may want to count your stitches.


Squib inspecting my knitting…

The tough part of 256 (or thereabouts) stitches of black yarn on the needles, is that when you knit one, you feel as if four or five more just took its spot. Yes, that number is correct, 256, to be whittled down to a simple, sweet 64 darling stitches with which I will attempt to knit hearts into this sock….We’ll see if this project keeps me as black-hearted as the creator claims….. I can see it happening….(insert favorite terms of frustration here, if you please). Wish me luck.


Short knitting hiatus, here, with Squib’s help. Excuse us…

I proceeded to knit row two, then began row three. Luckily, I decided to check what I was supposed to do before I committed solidly to row three. Since I was supposed to Knit 2 together around at row three (not after), I pulled out the first few stitches of this round, and began knitting 2 together around this sock. It wasn’t as tough as I expected. In fact, it was easier than the first two rows. I may be tempted to work hearts all the way down or two increase some rows, only to have to decrease. There’s a little extra space between each stitch, it helps to see them.

011See what I mean?

I also had to shoo the kitties out of the knitting. I could call them kittens, but they’re turning into cats before our eyes, attitude and all. Speaking of growing kitties, excuse me while I wrestle the knitting bag out from under the watchful Scamp and take a photo.

010Scamp claiming the knitting bag for her own entertainment.

2 Responses to “Slowly Making Ruffles”

  1. Crooked Tracks Says:

    I made a black hat once for my husband, it was hard to see the stitches, good luck with your project.

  2. Thank you, I have done the black hat for my boyfriend on bamboo needles as well. I remember the pain;-), but it was worth it in the end when I see him wear it, if one of my knitting helpers doesn’t run off with it…

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