Doing It Again….a.k.a. I lost the yarn…

January 16, 2015

Okay, okay, I give. I’ve been sorting through piles, checking my work in progress shelf and the work in progress bags and the knitting bag and wondering…just where in the world did I leave that second skein of yarn? I can’t find it, anywhere. I also started classes this week, so the amount of reading and note-card making I’ve had to do before each class left my eyes a little blurry and my head just a bit more achy than usual. So, now, I’m faced with a decision…do I continue to search the yarn the fairies(likely culprits) are hiding really well or do I move on to knit some black and cream/off-white socks with the yarn my dear James bought me for Christmas.

For the record, I asked the fairies to reveal the yarn’s hiding place. They’re not listening this time. I hope they didn’t forget where they put it. But back to the other pair of socks. The black and white socks involve new areas of development for me. They leave me needing to either modify or create a pattern to make white footed socks with black tops. I will need to decide to make the socks like my current gray bottomed socks by Bates, that are not all I want in a sock or if I wish to make the foot of the sock entirely white and make the heel flap and above black. I will also have to decipher how low to keep the black, as my shoes do not come all the way up to my ankle as assumed.

005My Christmas stocking yarn…yes, you may have seen this before

I like the idea of being able to custom make my socks, and let James know if this yarn works. Though I think I better get to the yarn store and reserve some yarn to add to my valentine’s gifts soon. A girl only needs so many pairs of work socks when she plans to move on to a job that does not feel the need to regulate sock and shoe color. He’s got some good ideas, but sometimes a girl thinks, black and white is nice, but I want purple, or maybe burgundy to match a favorite shirt.

Now, back to the work socks….which pattern do I modify for these? Or do I go rogue and spend hours I likely don’t have designing my own. Not yet…I think I’m going to pick a pattern. Then I better get back to the homework. 002 Two of the three big books I get to learn from this semester…

Then again, perhaps I should ponder this question: Am I ready for cable knitting? I’m considering cables, but I should know better. Black yarn is tough to work with, and will be even tougher to cable…perhaps I should keep it simple this time. I promise I will get to cables one day;-)

In the interest of keeping it simple, I did happen upon a pattern I believe I can modify for my needs. There was a cute little pair of socks on featuring hearts on the cuffs that I nearly fell in love with.

They look more blue than black, but that could be lighting, and someone has shown me it can be done;-). Bonus, no cables. I’ll keep you posted on the rest as I try not to drown under those heavy textbooks.


Squib helping with box and camera management…

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