Technically, Only Half-Way There…

January 9, 2015

I’ve finally finished the first soc. Now I get to start on the second sock soon. I do promise pictures, including the not the prettiest pics ever with my own toes…but you are looking at the sock, right;-)? Of course you are; or the puppies in the background.

002Finally, brave enough to try on the sock…only four toes are showing, which means, its time to start knitting the toe;-) Zeus is helping me model, with Briannag thinking about joining in.

Yes, we call these eighty-some pound creatures puppies. They’re sleeping now and behaving. I’m about to warm up a cup of cocoa or cider. Which do you prefer? I’ve been knitting away, and working to finish the toe and the puppies have been snuggly. The cats want to help, too. I think they all want to be a part of my socks.

001Squib, pretending he wasn’t just inspecting my work, Scamp in foreground, pretending she’s no longer interested.


Squib, “guarding” my yarn while I refresh my beverage.

Take a seat as I sew up this toe of the sock and search for the yarn to cast on the next one. The cast on is never easy, but school starts Monday, and if I don’t get to it tonight, who knows when I will.  I’ve been thinking about what to discuss in this blog. I could go over the joy followed by the Now, I get to do it all, again, feeling. I’ve been over that before, perhaps twice and I wouldn’t want to bore you even if you can relate.

 008     Maeve insists on snuggling while I’m knitting.

But I noticed something else as I knit last night. I noticed, and I read the note at the end of the pattern. Sometimes, I wonder if the note is like the Monster at the End of This Book. But last night, I didn’t recall having read the note before. I’d say that’s like me. But its more like me to have read the note and not recall doing so, than to completely ignore the note. As I think on it, I’m pretty sure I mentioned it when I talked to the proprietor of Apple Tree Lane to pick out the yarn.

The Note at the end of this pattern did speak on the ply of the yarn though, and wondered about it. It talked about two ply yarn and three or four ply yarn and apparent bounce and a pebbled look.

I got the impression that certain plys/number of strands of yarn could make these socks look like popcorn socks. I like the look of these, but if you want playful, popcorn socks or bobbles might be fun to try as well. I very much like the look of my socks, but I have learned my four ply(or four stranded yarn) has a 75% wool content and a 25% nylon content which seems to lend to the structure as stated. Let me get this picture and show you what I mean.

001The finished sock, with structure.

In the meantime, I’m going to have to seek out the other skein of yarn to cast on the next sock. However, please excuse Briannag as we work through her system of approval.

006   009Briannag has determined this sock is cozy and comfortable and I should be content to allow my foot to remain her pillow until Dad comes home to feed her.

One Response to “Technically, Only Half-Way There…”

  1. Crooked Tracks Says:

    I like the color of your sock 🙂

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