Happy New Year!

January 2, 2015

Hello! And welcome to 2015! I would have sat down to ring in the New Year with you, but I’ve been dealing BlackJack to die-hard Americans this past couple of days. I also have not given much time to the knitting. Not just because of the work schedule, but because family gatherings were snuck in the way, confounding everything.

I thought I had until January 12th to finish one of my sewn gifts, however, that deadline was moved up to December 28th. I spent much of that evening and the next “morning” for me, sewing this cute tote bag for my aunt. I still ended up presenting it to her unfinished, as I had just gotten the second strap turned right side out as we pulled into her parking lot. I tucked them into the gift box and taped two sides, before I went to explain that more work would be needed. My dear Aunt Maryal presented me with a “working” gift of fabric cuts to move me into making a quilt, potentially from a book she granted me. I just may have to pick one someday.

002 006

Yes, I really did present the gift this unfinished. Now to go finish the straps and a hem and to sew on said straps. Maryal loved the giraffe, and the tote matched the color of the sweater she was wearing that day;-).

As for the knitting, Thank you for motivating my tired and semi-sore fingers to get back to this sock. I’m moving to the trying on phase soon, partly because I want to know how close I really am getting. I used the tape measure, but I’m never fully certain until I get that sock on my foot.


The sock the last time I worked on it.


The sock where its at. I was measuring the foot, but this is the better almost complete photo, and the point where I start going, “Are we there, yet?” until I reach the toe.

I can’t wait until I can wear another pair of my own socks, but that requires much more knitting. In addition, I need to consider the design or pattern I plan to use for the black and cream socks I get to make next. Though, I can get that info (in part) when I do get to try this sock on. The rib pattern is easy enough and requires my concentration, but that’s one of the reasons it takes me so long to get back to it, as I strongly prefer to complete all eight rows of the pattern in one sitting.

Maeve decided to visit me while I was knitting, but James was too busy to take another photo of her “assistance.” Scamp decided she’s been in enough yarn-related trouble lately and has become more snuggly as I get ready to walk out the door. Squib didn’t take notice until I left the tape measure hanging over the edge of the photography tote surface. Some things remain the same, some things require new endeavors. May your 2015 endeavors (and traditions) be enjoyable!


Squib helping me keep track of the tape measure. Yes, I rescued it, before he ran down the basement with it to hide it for some time to come…


2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Crooked Tracks Says:

    Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Thank you much! I appreciate your reading of my post. I hope you enjoyed it;-).

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