We interrupt the knitting…for Christmas

December 26, 2014

The good news: I got more sock yarn for Christmas. The bad news: I got more sock yarn for Christmas. Dear James, if you reading this, skip the bad news part;-). Sock yarn is a good thing. I even received yarn in colors appropriate for the work dress code, so I may make truly white/cream footed socks with black from the ankle up, or a little lower. I haven’t fully worked out the pattern. I was going to try this with cotton yarn, as I’ll be working on two colors at a time, and I know what I want.

I have to wear black socks at work. My feet really do not do well in black socks. I don’t even want to discuss what I pay for the white bottomed black socks I bought for the job. It’s still somewhat cheaper than knitting socks, usually, but they’re in the ball park. They are comfy and cushy and even a bit on the supportive side. I like all these features.


The actual yarn gift I received for Christmas.

However, when I took the job, I thought I’d like to knit my own work socks. They’ll be ten thousand little hugs of love for my feet while I’m standing on them listening to blackjack players hope to win a hand, or sitting at a really long table trying to reach chips poker players forget to move past the wing tips and complain about their cards. I would like to be able to slip into my happy “I have hand-knit socks on,” place. I might even mention it on the table.


Another view of the actual yarn with which I get to knit some socks.

Now I have a good size skein of cream and a good size skein of black yarn in alpaca that I need to design into wearable socks for my job. I haven’t touched the pink socks in the rose rib pattern since I started the sock monkey. I should, but I have a bookwrap quilt to finish and a tote bag to sew up.

I think I’m getting to the something’s gotta give point, as my deadline was moved up. Now I have to figure if I’m going to make the bookwrap quilt less ambitious or if I’m going to make the tote bag less ambitious, hit the sewing machine or scrap one of the gifts altogether. I could save the bookwrap quilt for a birthday gift, but I have to keep it a secret longer…(I better start writing that blog.)002 003 005 006

Squib and Scamp inspecting the Christmas gifts…The tan snow man wrap holds a beer brewery in a box for dear James, and the colorful Santa wrap contains a small batch wine making kit for me. We had a good Christmas;-)

Alas, I should be sewing tonight, as I still have to finish a quilt block since I left the thread at home. Fortunately, Squib didn’t run off with the roly-poly spool of thread. Maybe it was a good thing I got out of work earlier than expected. Wish me luck completing these projects. I’ll update soon.

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