The Kitties and Puppies Are Helping Knit the Sock Monkey

December 12, 2014

I’m getting excited. I feel as if I’m almost there. I’m halfway through the tail, and monkeys do not have much hair. Maeve is snuggled on my lap, as I think about the sewing left to do. Scamp has been trying to chew the arm strings that will attach them to be body. Squib still thinks the needles are there to clean his teeth, or the yarn to be his ribbon.

001Earlier this week, when I should have been studying. Zeus snuggling while I knit.

I still have half a tail, a muzzle, a hat and a scarf to knit. Each of these plus the arms must be sewn on. It’s almost there, yet there’s so much work left to finish. The cat’s insistent, “Mom, your hands have been on the knitting too long. Pet me.”


Squib curling up with the latest project.

Scamp and squib bat at the yarn and needles to get my attention. Squib even fell asleep near the project earlier, frustrating the dog who cannot chuff him off no matter how she tries. Zeus finds a spot to curl up and wait, but has helped himself to my lap as the monkey’s not important to finish. Finally, I have no more studying to do, and must now finish Christmas gift making. I hope I didn’t bite off more than I can chew, but I usually do.

007Scamp inspecting the knitting. She needs no encouragement.

In the meantime, I need to finish this tail and muzzle, so I can sew pieces on while I’m on break tomorrow night, or perhaps I will finish the scarf and hat as they’re less complicated then the whole monkey. I get excited and discouraged at the same time. Won’t this tail knit faster, it’s only nine stitches. But I’m still alternating yarn and I need seven inches instead of six and a half…we’ll get close.

At least I don’t have to stuff this tail. Now I need to remember how to do the muzzle, and hope it goes together lickity split. But I’m getting there, one stitch, one row at a time…I think;-)

006  See, no encouragement. Scamp, however, gets away with taking things one arm at a time…

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