Shaping a Sock Monkey Tush…

December 5, 2014

I can’t remember who started the geek humor this time, I think my dear James came home with stories about his gaming session. But I might have shared something I found online around the same time.  The he dared a look at me and suggested that he doesn’t get into knitting because there’s little  humor in it. After searching for blunt instruments he wisely keeps out of my reach, mostly, I looked him in the eye and said, “I’m shaping a sock-monkey butt this week.” He laughed and replied to the effect of “Point taken,” or “Fair enough.” Sometimes our humor may is juvenile, but its certainly there.


The tush in question, knit much like the heel of a sock

I really did knit and shape a sock monkey butt. The legs are done. Once I got home and found the darning needle, I sewed them together and put the stitches on needles. Then I proceeded to knit the rounds. Next, I began the short rows to make the bottom half of the tush. I mean, really, can you read this with a straight face? I challenge you!


The front view, with less humor, but certainly packed with bright stripes.

Once the short rows were where they needed to be, I began to work in the wrap and turn stitches, then I began knitting up to the waist and body and worked in another pink stripe. Now, I will begin the body and knit to the neck, then finish the head, hoping I have enough pink yarn to get me to through the arms. No worries, I’ll be sewing the armpits and will attempt to refrain from armpit jokes, unless I’m still in the throes of finals week, then all juvenile humor doubles in humor value.


Working up to the body, and prepping for a tail I’m wondering if I’ll get to stripe, or if I’ll have to get creative.

I hope you enjoyed this smile today, I did. Now to go finish cooking the chicken thighs with turmeric, cumin and garlic that I set out. I meant to marinate it, but studying took over my life for a few days, as well as appointments. I’ll be back to semi-normal soon, I hope….then it’s Christmas and family gatherings. I’d better brush up on juvenile humor to get me through;-)

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