I Should Be…Studying…

November 29, 2014

…but I’m not. I do have a final research paper due. It’s only three to five pages I have to write. I’m usually pretty good at writing. It’s due Monday in class. I do not feel as if I have enough research done yet. I probably do. I feel as if I should be working on it and being productive. However, this blog was already pre-empted by Thanksgiving and I’ve known about this paper since September. I’ve even worked on it since then. I’m just not done, so I might feel as if I should be completing it.


The humble beginnings…

But that is life. I was being productive this week by beginning to knit the sock monkey in blue and bright pink yarn. It looks much better for a nine year old girl. My ten year old niece looked at the yarn pairing and said, “I love it!” I’m on the right track. As I went to pick up my license plate to put on my new used car, I sat and visited with my sister in law and nieces and knit up a leg.


The original foot with 24 stitches

As I rode in the car to Thanksgiving, I knit up the other leg on the two hour journey. I didn’t start until a half hour in. I have two legs done, and I got to the sewing part as we got turned around. I didn’t have a darning needle with me. I set it aside and visited with family, and wanted to go to sleep, but it was daylight, and there was too much activity to go to sleep. Plus, I don’t get to see James’ family very often. I wanted to make the most of it.

Once we returned home, I focused on the final paper and the studying for it. While I was at work last night and this morning, I continued researching early herbal medicine and what our ancients would plant in their gardens to keep their families healthy and just in case they got a cold or a flu.


Two legs, 18 stitches in the round as this yarn knits up bigger…

I have decided to allow myself time to post this blog, and make some headway with knitting. The school work will be there when I finish this shortened post, and the knitting did get done. However, I have officially switched projects until this one is done.  Now I just have to remember to stuff the legs before I move on too far;-).

Wish me luck on the final paper, please, but I hope I don’t really need luck;-).

Note: The pictures are now up;-). My dear James worked his magic with my camera and a corner of an envelope. He must have dug deeper than I did. Thank you to the kind-hearted camera repair blog at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkEfnF6zVxc or http://camerarepair.blogspot.com/2007… Both of these posts were quite helpful in figuring out what was going on with my camera so I didn’t have to replace it. I greatly appreciate the assist!


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