Crunch Time….or almost

November 21, 2014

I hope its not just beginning, but its been crunch time all week this week. I had class on both of my days off. I had a math test this evening I didn’t feel ready for, then I went to work and did more math. My poor brain is fried. I didn’t even study at work tonight. I sewed. As I sewed this super secret fantasy gift that won’t be done in time, I recalled my oldest niece’s birthday is coming up and I need to work out a birthday gift or a different Christmas gift for her. I only have one of them.


…the beginning…

I also have not completed any knitting tonight. I’m car shopping. I’m working on an out of class surprise interview assignment with a write up of what we learned. My brain simply needed a break after a math test and dealing poker, which I have not been doing on a regular basis. Pot Limit Omaha takes more math than my calculations class. So, all I want to do tonight is sit back and not think.

But I have to work out gifts, and it became too late to call my sister-in-law and make gifting plans for my niece. As I started thinking about the artsy possibilities, and there are a few dozen, thankfully.  Now to make them affordable, as my niece would rather receive a tablet or some other electronic extravagance I can’t afford and she should work to obtain.

Back to practical gifts, the ones I’m making time to make. I’ve decided tonight I would begin my little’s Christmas gift since I knit a few stitches in the round, and the toughest decision I have to make is when to switch the yarn colors and whether to knot and weave in or carry them along the side. I think I’ll carry them along the side. It sounds easier, doesn’t it?005

foot and toes….not going to be small, should I decrease the stitches…

As for the hat and scarf to go with the sock monkey pieces I’ll start, I’ll decide on those colors later. I think I have a nice bright pink or green my little, Mariah will like. It can remain a surprise, since the sock monkey is staying in blue stripes…


I’m just not sure, it’s nice, but it’s not 9 year old “I love it” nice…

…There’s only one problem, after beginning the knitting, I don’t like the color combination! It just doesn’t say little girl, or even big girl. It says simple and somber, or perhaps studious boy. I need some hot pink or lime green, stat! Oy and Vey…I think Tuesday or Wednesday is the earliest I can fix this, if I don’t have something good in my stash….Wish me luck!


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