Ramifications of Certain Knitting Decisions

November 14, 2014

I feel as if I should feel accomplished, but I do not. Instead, I am looking at the sock as I knit the foot, and it really begins to look like a sock, and I wonder if I’ll be able to recreate my mistake. It was an intentional mistake, I decided to do so and continued with it for somewhere between 32 and 40 rows. I’m not changing it now. However, when you knit one sock at a time, if a mistake is noticeable enough, you feel compelled to repeat it.

The good news is, I may have options. But first, what is the mistake? Because, if you haven’t knit this pattern, or read the blog about my mistake, you may have no idea there is a mistake, or a different pattern interpretation. Perhaps its just my interpretation, though I’m not sure this sock pattern was ever meant to be compared to abstract art, which is much more open to interpretation. So, back to my take on why I did this pattern a little different.


Along the sides of the sock, the pattern is meant to be offset by two purl stitches. However, as I decreased my stitches while I knit the gusset, I noticed the purls didn’t line up with the pattern on my needles. Loathe to rip out somewhere between 72 and 104 stitch rows, and re-knit and re-decrease, I decided just to work with the existing structure of the sock and move the pattern over two stitches.


As I knit my second set of eight rows this week, yes, two sets of eight rows–which is why I should feel accomplished–I realized that I will have the challenge of remembering this at the half-way point of the second sock, and working with that pattern structure. Or will I set up the structure so someone, like my twelve year old niece can detect a left sock and a right sock if they were so inclined. I’ve never been, but apparently my niece is.


Ready to measure soon;-)...

Perhaps I’ll knit my darling niece some asymmetrical cable socks one day. In the meantime, I’ll wonder what the kitties are up to while I knit, until near the end, when they decide I’ve paid far too much attention to this pattern and no longer need it. However, Scamp has been playing camera shy, and has one of those looks about her. I’m not sure what she’s planning to attack, but there is challenge in her eyes. In the meantime, Maeve is content to cuddle. And I will be lucky to recreate my pattern re-interpretation well.


Scamp, pretending she is not interested in the knitting…tonight.


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