They’re All Trying to Help Me Knit…

October 24, 2014

…(or not knit) as I strive to be Wonder Woman. I just finished up mid-terms. My schedule changes next week, immediately after another exam. My car just cost me too much money, and prompted me to take on a third grade class today. The third grade class (during my normal sleep time) happened to include my little sister. I hadn’t gotten much knitting done this week. I wanted to be finished with the gusset decreases and begin on the instep. I like the instep, usually. Not only am I over half done, but I’m getting there, depending on how many times I have to repeat the 8 row pattern on needle two until I get to the toes.

Now back to the sock. I got to it after a cat nap….or a puppy and kitty pile on. I laid down on the couch, only to have one 80 pound dog snuggle between me and the back of the couch, a decently hefty cat claim my hip, and another one taste test my hair. Thankfully, the second 80 pound dog stayed asleep on the floor. Though he’s been known to take the spot on the hip and acts like a heavy body pillow when he wants attention. Once I got up from my nap and poured a beverage, Zeus had moved from the floor to the corner of the couch I planned to use. Bri had found the folds of the blanket I was using, and once I got started, Squib needed to inspect the point protectors thoroughly and then Scamp had some bag and lag adventures. I have pictures of some. If they turned out, you may only have to image the napping scenario.


Scamp pretending to ignore the knitting(on left); Squib, curious about my knitting, or Scamp (on right).

I sat down and began knitting in the pattern, thankfully remembering where I left off before. I wondered at the pattern and myself as I knit. I make a fair amount of mistakes, and I don’t get much time to knit when I should be studying the Controlled Substances Act of 1987(I think), and HIPAA(I think). I’d better check that out soon. Alas, I was wondering about knitting, this is a blog about knitting, right?

So, I knit the pattern on the gusset decrease as I was instructed at first. But I knit the needles in the wrong order and had to frog and re-knit a couple of times to get this right. As I knit the pattern, I realized I was technically two stitches off from the top of foot pattern. I changed the way I knit the pattern on needle two to “Knit” (follow the pattern) for the first two stitches, then begin with the purling for the next two stitches. It looks nicer.

 035 See, real sock progress…only I’m not sure if Wonder Woman knit…

It does have the issue of two decreases in a row sometimes. Since a lace sock will have a negative ease, I think it will be okay. I haven’t noticed any major issue yet, it just won’t look as perfectly centered in the end, but unless you’re reading this blog, or managed to knit this pair of socks better than I, how will anyone know? So, I will be Wonder Woman for now, as I want to finish these six rows and take photos and say I did it. Sometime in December, perhaps I will take a night off from it all, likely around the 28th, depending on when the family celebrates Christmas this year. In the meantime, if I could find a work appropriate Wonder Woman costume for an affordable price, I might be inclined to gussy up and look like a red-headed Amazon.

024 030

Briannag, checking my work on left; Zeus, snuggling on the right.

For now, I’m content to share pictures and knit. I did it. I finished the gusset, mostly. I have one more stitch decrease to work into the first row of the instep. For now, though, I will simply post the photographic evidence and hope for decent photos. Soon, I will be ready to more on to the toe, however, I have to work on a super secret fantasy quilt still…wish me luck, and someone stop the countdown to Christmas, please;-)


Scamp is still more interested in me petting her instead of making socks. Who can blame her?


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