Where I Want To Be…

October 17, 2014

…is not where I am. I’ve made progress this week, even decent progress. But somehow, I thought that after a week of mid-terms and work, I really believed I’d feel like knitting this week. In addition to the mid-term stress, my work schedule is being changed. That appointment was today, with a calculations mid-term on which I did not use my calculator. It was a lot of multiplication, but I suspect the three or four questions I missed were set-up, not actual figuring of math. I follow lacy knitting patterns and charts. Said charts make multiplication look easy.

 001 Words of the wise: Make peace with your project….It’s pretty and I’ve still made progress.

In addition, Scamp is boycotting knitting. The good news is she no longer runs off with the yarn because its there, at least not lately. The bad news is that when I try to knit, she either tries to push the knitting off my lap or snuggle in, but will not rest and let me knit while she tries to sleep. And she is most content to sleep on my lap when the knitting is not close enough to reach. I call it a boycott. I haven’t asked her what her term is for it yet. Perhaps its more of a refusal to acknowledge my knitting. Currently, I only know that my lap is really there for her to clean her toes. Cats, what can you do?


Scamp still shows a little interest in the sewing projects, perhaps its the smell of “mom’s” house.

Since I’m a bit tired this night, I let her win. I knit two rows, and may get two more rows done tonight out of sheer determination. I’d like to “see” more progress. In order to “see” more progress, one must knit. So, midterms aside, schedule changes amidst, I did make progress of an entire section of the pattern I am knitting into the gusset as I decrease. I even finished over one-third of the gusset, or ten rows over the past week. I just wanted to be closer to half-done.


Not my best photo, but here is the gusset looking like an alien hoodie…

Perhaps, with three classes, two large tests, part-time work, cats, and gift quilting and knitting, I was asking a bit much and Scamp was right, that sometimes you need to simply sit upon your duff and pet the kitten who thinks you are knitting entirely too much.


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