Knitting In Reverse

October 10, 2014

So, sometimes, you just have to do what the pattern says…I think. And sometimes, it helps to remember which needle is #1 and which is #3…. I’m also wondering if I will need to rip out more of this darned sock.. This is not my favorite activity, and Squib, the munchkin has decided he currently likes the point protectors I keep on the needles.

I knit the first two rows of the gusset…I had one word for it, distinctive. I wanted to see how distinctive it would turn out, which included doing what the pattern says. Instead, I got the needles backwards. It looked like I was purling. I really dislike not realizing which needle is meant to be which. I’m hoping I don’t have to rip out any more rows, at this point. Two rows is enough for me to frog.

004Squib has refused photographic evidence of his point protector transgressions…I’ll try next time to get it.

(The point protectors are the little green rubber triangles on the end)

The good news is that I remembered a sock knitting tutorial I have utilized and recommended before. I visited Silver’s Sock Knitting Class for one sock on dpn’s at I really need to donate more money to this site, and may do so once my check is deposited into my account. I likely use it for every sock I make. It’s my way of saying, “Thank you for your help.”

I confirmed that I had confused my needles and may have to rip out another part of my stitches as well, but it should be a partial part. And one day, I will learn to follow the pattern to the letter and consult Silver’s Sock Knitting class before I begin knitting the gusset.


Not quite where I was supposed to be going with this…More sock next week.

I like distinctive socks; I’m just not quite comfortable with the getting there. Once I see it work a different way, and this pattern is slightly different, I will likely enjoy the result. However, in the meantime, I sit here and think It’s not quite supposed to work this way. Will it work?  All the while, I’m considering simply knitting what I know.

But I like this pattern. I chose this pattern. When I finish, I want to see beautiful socks that closely resemble what these were meant to be. I don’t want to look at these socks and say, “I chickened out when it came to doing something different.” If that was me, I wouldn’t have left knitting scarves. I may never have continued with knitting, or with many other points in my life that proposed challenges.

But those challenges are the ones that often show me the durability of the yarn and knitting of which I am made. Now, to begin this gusset, correctly; so I may show you how distinctive it really is. However, as I tried to re-knit the rows I had already frogged once, I realized I was making the same mistake again. At this time, it seems, I am too tired to continue on with this gusset. However, Sunday is coming, but so are mid-terms. I will make time to knit a couple of rows and talk more of this “distinctive” gusset and how it is created.


Scamp helping me “frog.”

In the meantime, I will finish petting Scamp, who has determined she needs attention and try to keep Squib from chewing on the point protectors. Just when you think they’re getting old enough to leave your knitting be, they remind you they still embrace their inner kittens.


2 Responses to “Knitting In Reverse”

  1. Crooked Tracks Says:

    I love to knit socks. I hope you post the finished version of this one.

  2. …when I get there, I will post this sock; and while I will likely be posting and blogging about other things while I make its mate, when I have both, I will post a pic of them on my feet;-).

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