Beginning A Periscope

October 3, 2014

Yes, yes, you heard me right. Beginning a periscope is the title. Some days, you need a little different perspective in order to move on. One long, tough week led into another week of studying and getting back to where I was comfortable in my classes and memorizing a lot of info about a multitude of laws that affect my future profession. In addition, I’d finally slowed down enough that everyone else’s immune system caught up with mine and bullied it into submission. I’m not dying in bed in submission, but paying attention in class and dealing poker were both difficult.


Zeus puppy taking mom’s knitting seat and pillow

Okay, poker is tough on a good day with behaving players (one reason I prefer to deal tournaments), but its even tougher when you wish you’d stayed home in bed. And by my first break, I did. So, I came into today looking like I was going to have another week of little progress. Then I remembered the periscope shape the sock takes on when you turn the heel. I’m still working with the heel. But the chicken is in the oven, and I’m getting through the heel tonight, since I still have some energy.


Briannag puppy taking over knitting seat and pillow

Even though my knitting seat on the couch has become the most popular seat in the house, with full claim laid to the back pillow I use, I’m still working through the heel to make the periscope, because socks always look (and feel) better if they were once a periscope. At least, my socks do;-). So, back to the heel I go as the rain begins and the chicken cooks in the oven and makes the house smell a bit like celery….I can tell which vegetable is smallest and cooking first.


Zeus puppy taking over my knitting seat and pillow again, since I’m not feeding him chicken…

In the time the chicken has taken to cook, plus a little extra; I have knit the heel, finally. It does seem as if this sock is taking the scenic route to completion. However, the dogs did enjoy some cuddle time. Scamp did not join me today, but she chooses not to argue with the dogs about cuddle time.



Sock progress so far….soon it will be a periscope!


Okay, so, I’m really not into selfies, mostly. But when Zeus snuggled up with me as I was getting back to the sock once again, I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Yes, I got puppy kisses once the picture was snapped;-)


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