Joy In Handknitting Socks….

September 26, 2014

Or Why I knit socks that cost more than I would pay in a store…

When I have to buy some new summer socks anyways….or when the local mega-mart sells them for ten dollars a six pack. In one of the more well known cliches’, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.”


Scamp has been apologized to, though I’m not sure I’m forgiven. When is one ever sure of forgiveness with a cat? The knitting was found in the back seat of My Other Half’s car. I may not hear the end of this, from either my other half, or Scamp. She is currently sleeping in the corner, and while ignoring me, she is behaving, momentarily. Though none of my posts are truly complete without help from Scamp.

My feet love the feeling of hand-knit socks. My feet breathe far better in my hand-knit socks. Keeping them aired-out is important. Also, they can be a simple accomplishment….most weeks, just not when you are clocking nearly sixty hours with classes. So, what really happened, and why am I not finding a quiet corner of my house when my other half isn’t home to knit the turning of the heel?

I knit two rows of the heel since I last visited, so I could work on my super-secret fantasy quilt….

Then I accepted a four day preschool class, amidst classes of my own, and more late night work on Wednesday night. If it didn’t involve homework or important stuff, I didn’t get to it this week. My other half even tried cooking most of the week and “doing laundry.” I won’t get into that now, let’s just say we need to work on that communication channel.


So, where was I? Oh, right, socks and why I knit them, since I haven’t had time to actually knit them. I’m aware of the socks on my feet now, they’re not hand-knit. I can tell. They do their job, mostly, and slide all over, and make me wish it was pumpkin spice latte weather; well, mocha because I don’t like lattes, but you get the picture. The socks I’m wearing on this unseasonably warm day simply do not hold a candle to my favorite hand-knit socks, or any pair for that matter.


I realize as my sister-in-law and I chatted about one of her children’s tendencies to sort her socks into left and right socks, (really, she does, and she stands by her philosophy), with hand-knit socks, there is no need for left and right socks, for the socks hug your feet however you wear them…however, both socks going through and coming out of the laundry is of great importance, especially when your feet need a hug.

than these socks….

(The shoes, on the other hand, are worth the bucks to keep me jogging, or getting back to it once the heel spurs are under control again. )

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