Slightly Overwhelming Socks

September 11, 2014

What makes you start a new project? Is it the beauty you see? Or the possibilities? Or Just the need to create? I never know how to explain it. I think its a little of each, especially that need to create. But it can’t be too easy.

Take friendship bracelets, for example. Everyone told me they were easy. Everyone was making them. When I was finally shown how, I dutifully attached a safety pin to my current favorite pair of jeans, and went about tying five hundred knots over four strings. If they told me it was simply tying five hundred knots over four strings, I would have laughed and tried something harder. Instead, I knot up a few and gave up the fad, like most of the rest of the world.

I did not knit any of these. I’m simply including the photo for a visual element.

If someone had told me quilting was simply sewing a bunch of the same shapes into many of the same squares, I never would have tried it. Instead, I drew photos and transferred to paper, and am still working out design elements and creating. I enjoy it.

This evening, I went to class. It’s my Orientation to Pharmacy Tech class, and already feels too easy. I’m slightly underwhelmed. I know at points I will be slightly overwhelmed, and at some dates in the class I will likely be slightly overwhelmed and engaged, but tonight wasn’t one of them. I’m looking forward to the legal portion of the program tomorrow night. That class is engaging in that law is often slightly(if not completely) overwhelming.


Progress on the heel flap of the sock.

I think this may be a good, but rambling explanation of what it’s like to have a form ADHD. I’ve never been diagnosed or classified, but I daydream, and engage really well when slightly overwhelmed. If anyone had told me knitting socks was knitting the same stitches over and over again in a circle for seventy or eighty stitches in multitudes of rows, I might never have picked up the double-pointed needles. But when someone said “Socks look so hard, I don’t know if I can,” and someone else said, “I was taught socks first, at six. You can do it,” I picked up the needles and the knitting bug.


Detailed progress on the heel flap.

I’m still knitting socks, and loving it. I also seek out new patterns of socks that are much more than repeating knit and purl stitches for eighty stitches in a row. It’s slightly overwhelming. Each pair of socks has its own beauty and its own challenges and are just out of my comfort zone, as I like them to be. I promise, I’m making progress on the heel, and now I’ve found my camera again so I can show you.


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