Letting My “Little” Decide

September 5, 2014

The sock is on pause for a day or so. I am beginning the heel soon, perhaps tonight, but more photos of what I took photos of last week, and chatting about the heel are boring to me right now. In the meantime, I have another reason to add a project to my list, and a good reason, at least I think so. In introducing my little, Mariah, whom I borrow through the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program, to my nieces, she met Elizabeth’s sock monkey, Celeste. When Elizabeth told Mariah I made it for her, Mariah asked for one. I told her I would. I just didn’t tell her when, but the Christmas train is boarding. Apparently, I’m getting on that train.


Elizabeth’s Sock Monkey, April 2013 post

Sure, I could just go buy her a purse design kit or bracelet-making kit, but why would I when I can teach her many of those crafts and others. Also, her family is just as likely to get them for her, as her grandma reports having hundreds of rubber band bracelets all over the house. So, why do I need to scramble for the latest and greatest, or oldest and coolest crafting kit (like a Spirograph), when I can simply knit her a sock monkey. Bonus: she’s already asked for a sock monkey.

Now, for the tough part, the yarn. Mariah likes greens, bright greens. And she must like the yellow and pink sock monkey I made for Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Jessica’s sock monkeys were knit with Deborah Norville’s Serenity Chunky yarn, which is double stranded and really full. If I recall, I needed a little over one skein to complete the entire sock monkey. I also have the stash. My stash is currently mostly blue with some red and a few pastels tossed in. I may have one skein or a ribbon yarn in a green that is close to what Mariah would like.


Green ribbon yarn on the right is in consideration, but may not be enough to finish and it’s a little tough to get only one more skein here.

I’ve considered just picking a yarn and knitting, but nothing is saying “Use me, make me, my name will come.” If it did, I’d already have a monkey leg or two knit up and would be trying to keep the cats & dogs from using them as toys. I’ve even asked for opinions from my niece, who kind of had a suggestion, but wasn’t definite. As I continue to be indecisive, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to let Mariah decide. Next time I borrow her, after next pay day, I will take her yarn shopping and will simply either watch her while we wander yarn, or even buy it under her nose and not tell her what it’s being used for. I may even tell her I’m getting the yarn for something to make my nieces. I’m curious to see what yarn Mariah picks and will post more about that adventure later.

022 020

Scamp(kitten), Zeus(brown puppy) snuggling up while I knit. Sure beats running across the room to take back the yarn!

In the meantime, I have homework and a sock to knit and a quilt to sew. I’ll be nearby if you need me;-).

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