Following My Own Rules

August 28, 2014

Somedays, many days actually, I set my own rules. They’re little rules. The world won’t end if they’re not followed, but they help my projects get finished. I also have to reward me for following these little rules. Luckily, the reward is often working on a newer project.

I wasn’t making much progress on socks that had a relatively simple repeating pattern. I had begun sewing quilts. I finished one quilt, and decided I would tie finishing the sock to the sewing of the quilt. I made a simple rule. I would only work on the quilt after I put in one full pattern repeat, or knit eight rows on the sock on non-work nights. Only after that could I work on the quilt.



The quilt, which I cannot show you yet,  is still new and a new creation. It holds a certain sense of wonder and appeal. The sock is new and my first pair of pink socks and quite pretty, but I’ve knit 70 stitches in the round before, in a lace pattern, and sometimes, you feel as if you are simply traveling in circles. Then, if you stick with it, you realize you’ve made progress. But sometimes, I require little rules, with little rewards to continue as required.

Why does this matter? Why would I spend our time talking about these little rules? Because maybe there are other knitters like me. Maybe other knitters begin to feel their project is much of the same as it was the last few times you knit these eight rows. After all, we are only knitting them nine times. And this pattern is simpler than I expected. And my attention wanders to that beautiful fantasy quilt I can only mention carefully as it is a super-secret project for someone quite special.


Perhaps the secretive nature of the project helps it hold appeal. The socks aren’t secret. They’re for me, they’re for teaching school on days I substitute, or for wearing to class on days I don’t have to work to match a favorite shirt and blazer. But there’s no secret about them. However, I do get to share pictures, whereas, the super-secret fantasy quilt has to stay under wraps, though I may start taking pictures and writing up separate blog posts about making it. I will probably be grateful to myself for exerting this much discipline later. Note to self: get good pics of the super-secret fantasy quilt. I can’t wait to see the finished project. I don’t even know what it looks like.


For now, let me show you where I’ve gotten to with these not-so-secret happy class/teaching day socks for me. I still deserve a gift, made just for me. Its one of those reasons I set these rules for myself, and allow myself the reward of sewing the super-secret fantasy quilt on breaks at work, since I don’t have time on those breaks to complete enough of a row or rows on my sock to leave it at a comfortable spot. Now, to return to knitting those eight rows before I return to my quilt.

2 Responses to “Following My Own Rules”

  1. Crooked Tracks Says:

    yes, I also make little rules 🙂

  2. […] looked back to a year ago, and my post was called Following My Own Rules. I have to laugh at myself for this one…I was beginning the super-secret fantasy quilt about […]

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