Choosing Sock Yarn…What’s Your Method?

May 26, 2014

How do you pick your sock yarn? Do you have one simple method–i.e. “I go in the store, pick out the color I know I want, then pay and leave?” Or does the yarn pick you while you are admiring patterns you hope to knit one day? Or do you only buy what is on sale in an effort to save money?

There are so many ways to pick out yarn–I know I haven’t tried them all. For example, I’ve never just closed my eyes and picked a skein, nor do I recommend anyone try this method. My first skeins of sock yarn, however, were gifted to me from a knitting paradise gift swap that was quite fun to partake in. You could say it got me started knitting socks. I received two 50 gram skeins of purple acrylic fingering weight yarn, and I couldn’t imagine any other use for them. I bought a set of double pointed needles, cast on, and began making a sock. Once I felt the 1,000 Little Hugs for My Feet, I was hooked into this journey.

ImageMy First Pair of Hand-Knit Socks

    For my next pair of socks, I had a pattern that promised to be a little less boring than 72 stitches in the round as well as a nearby yarn store. Knowing very little about sock yarn, except that you should use wool, I sought the proprietor’s assistance. I simply picked one of the recommended yarns that appealed to me in a color I liked. It worked well for this pair.

Then, I received a book on Sock Knitting and I ventured into once again to buy the lovely sock yarn I’m using currently. I chose the yarn for color and feel, not for the pattern. I’m curious to see the difference if I knit this pattern up with a solid color skein of yarn or a lower contrast yarn. Oddly enough, I think the creator used the yarn I had used on my previous pair of socks to make the Almondine pattern I’m currently working.


Vanilla Latte Socks Using Variegated Green Wool

    As I made progress on the second sock of this pair, and had a small bonus arrive, I decided to buy yarn for my next pair of socks. I flipped through the book and picked a pattern. Then I took the book, two favorite shirts and a jacket into my local yarn store, where she helped me pick out my next pair of socks.


The Current Sock Progress with Scamp’s Dedicated Assistance

    Now, I’m considering another line of work that requires black socks and am contemplating the idea of knitting my own white bottom black socks. I have a minimum of two reasons for doing so: 1) I love the feel of knitted socks; 2) I can control the amount of white used and where. The current white bottom socks still have a layer of black yarn making them look gray, and they fail to put any white over the toes where I wish to have the white as much as the bottom of the foot. If there is a third reason for doing so, it is that I’m simply addicted to knitting socks and can’t wait to see what other magic I can work into these socks.  Happy sock knitting!


One Response to “Choosing Sock Yarn…What’s Your Method?”

  1. Your socks are lovely! My only requirement for sock yarn is that it has some nylon. I have worn holes in sock yarn that is 100% merino too many time:(

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