Knitting With Other Hobbies

May 17, 2014

I look at the scrapbooker’s t-shirt with the phrase “Queen of Unfinished Projects,” and know some days that applies to me. I used to joke that I collect hobbies. I found I would start fifteen projects over four to six various interests and get none of them done. On the upside, I rarely ever utter the words, “I’m bored.” If my friends do, I can easily offer them a task. Dishes work wonders to cure boredom…but they’re not as effective as scrapbooking, quilting, sewing, stained glass work, etc… And I’m still knitting the second sock.


Some people have more willpower than I do. Some have more time. Some are simply more organized. I am simply mostly broke. That is how I have learned to keep my works-in-progress number under ten, I think. I have had to force myself to follow two rules: Finish one project before beginning the next and If one new thing comes in it must either have a home, or something old must go. I have stopped myself from making a number of frivolous purchases with the second rule.

ImageScamp is happiest when she is helping me take photos

For projects, I’m not so sure. I think I manage to follow this rule about fifty percent of the time. But this morning, I felt the pressure of having more than one important project going on. For the past months, I have focused on my socks and some on cooking-but a girl’s gotta eat. It was winter and I was broke. Over the past month, I came into a small amount of unexpected money and some great ideas. I don’t recall exactly what got me back into the quilting bug, it could even have been scrapbooking that did it. But I decided I would make something very special for my nieces.

The good news, I even have the fabric on hand due to having bought a fair amount when I did have extra money and knitting gift swaps. In addition, I bought a roll or two of fat-eighths I thought were on sale. Then I began to study the creature I wished to include on each quilt. They’re both different, and just in case my nieces or nephew find this blog and read it, I’d rather remain cryptic.

I studied the subjects of the quilt. I’ve picked the fabric. I’ve bought the poster board and drawn most of it out. I am now tracing pieces onto newsprint and wondering where I left off when I last ran out of newsprint. This afternoon, I pressed fabric in preparation for an hour. But what does any of this have to do with knitting, you ask? Well, it’s what has been distracting me on weekends for sometime(when I wasn’t training for my new summer job).

ImageScamp helping me photograph the “peri-scope” view of the sock

I sat in my chair with coffee and knitting this morning and knit a couple of rows up, just as I did during my prep hour in high school the other day and on breaks in second grade on friday. I have been knitting. I have eight rows of progress this week, and know that eight tiny rows are still progress, as I’m closer to done. But I still have a long ways to go. Mornings like this though, as I knit, and recall that I’ve been reading about quilting all week, leave me wanting to quilt. So, I’m not getting as much knitting done as I could be if spring socks were the option.


I’ll take pictures if Scamp falls asleep on my feet once they’re done. I promise.

One could blame the warm weather for my lack of progress, but the truth is–in Michigan, we’re still getting enough cold days to wear the hand-knit socks. I did, to the astonishment of some of my second graders. I do love getting them started young. However, tomorrow, I will be making quilt pattern pieces, knitting some with coffee, and making homemade chicken pesto pizza with feta cheese and mozzarella cheese on top. I’m not sure days off get better than that.


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