Note Taking While Knitting?

May 11, 2014

“Take notes,” they said; “Take lots of notes.”  I read the words and thought them wise. “Take detailed notes,” they said. But then I began knitting. How does one take notes with two hands on their needles? Create a ‘working pattern’ and take notes, they said, you’ll need it later.

ImageWorking the Gusset

‘They’ are experienced knitters. They are those who have gone before me and while knitting sock number two, cannot recall exactly how they fixed an extra stitch on the needle when working through the gusset. Sure, I need an extra decrease, but where? It turns out ‘They’ were right.

As alluded to above, I am currently (or still) shaping the gusset of this second sock, and one side has one more stitch than the other. Both sides should have an even number of stitches. I recall having this problem previously. However, I have not written the notes on my pattern. I was hoping I mentioned this problem and how I resolved it in a previous blog. I do not see the notes on my working pattern.


I could simply decrease in the “knit” round one time. Once the sock is on my foot, it will be discreet, even likely unnoticeable. But sometimes, I like to keep things to keep things consistent. So, the question I would like to answer is: Did I do this extra decrease in the middle of the gusset or at the end? Or did I become impatient with two different numbers on needles 1 & 3 while counting and ‘fix’ it in the middle of reducing stitches to form the gusset.

If the notes were on my pattern, I might still have been knitting as I wrote this. However, I finally got to search my blogs previously posted about this sock, and I did not take notes that will lead me to this answer. Now, I need to search the first sock again, though the decrease either was imagined or apparently unnoticeable.

ImageScamp and Squib Modeling the already knit sock

I did not find the note I sought. As I knit, I will simply have to make a choice to live with an odd number of stitches on needles 1 & 3 until I finish the gusset or I will get impatient with it and simply knit two together in a knit round at some point along the way. In the meantime, I will take better notes, hopefully.



One Response to “Note Taking While Knitting?”

  1. Crooked Tracks Says:

    Even experienced knitters find extra stitches 🙂

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