Making The Same Mistake Twice

April 19, 2014


When making socks one at a time, I find I have the added challenge of making both socks pretty close to the same. By this, I mean if I leave a noticeable angel kiss(mistake), I should repeat it with the second sock. To give you an example of how long this sock making is taking, I posted a blog around New Year’s; I made a mistake… posted on December 37, 2013; and Gussets and Lace posted on January 10, 2014. I’m now at the same point on the second sock, three and a half months later. These socks take time. I also knit other projects, begin quilts, read and sometimes make jewelry-among other hobbies I collect. Some days, I teach kindergarten or preschool and I forget I own knitting needles on those days.


Time-consumption aside, a good pair of socks does take many hours to knit. Since I chose to keep the mistake, instead of ripping out two one hundred plus stitch rows, I feel I should refer to it, and figure out what the mistake was so I may repeat it, with reasonable closeness. I’m approaching the heel-flap, and I know I’ve made one of my mistakes here. I actually thought I made both of them here. However, it appears I made the mistake of wrapping the heel flap, when I was simply supposed to move the yarn to the front or back. I have not decided if I need to repeat this mistake. I do not suspect I do, as it seems to be mostly unnoticeable.


Progress of First Sock From Late December

But in a lace pattern that leans towards the delicate side, I feel I should repeat this mistake once I finish the heel flap and heel turn. I reviewed my own blogs today, to figure out what I did, and how I did it. I also looked at the sock, but so far, everything looks okay…its not an easy pattern to decipher in this high contrast variegated yarn.


Scamp “helping” me photograph my sock progress

One piece of advice, if you are knitting a project in two parts and choose to leave a mistake, write it down so you can refer to it when you get to that part of your knitting again. You will likely need it.

In the meantime, happy sock-making. I will try not to bore you with too much info on heel-flaps and heel-turns, but it may be what I have to blog about next week….

ImageSock Progress As of April 19, 2014

Unless I take a break to talk about Easter or other Knitting Projects. Wish me luck with the socks, please! Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate it.


Scamp’s letter to Mom:

Dear Mom:

Since you let me help you with pictures tonight, perhaps I’ll leave your knitting alone. Then again, I do love yarn. But, perhaps I’ll try.

Love, Scamp

My reply:

Dear Scamp:

I know how to zip the bag closed and keep you out. Go find Squib.

Love, Mom


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