Scamp (aka “The Kitten”) vs. Mom’s Knitting Project

April 5, 2014

Dear Mom,

You did not tell me you were taking pictures of socks. You did not include me when you knitted with that lovely fun yarn you have. Therefore, I shall steal your sock knitting yarn, even if it’s still attached to the sock and run away with it…Drat! You caught me.

Playfully yours,


Scamp with second skein of yarn she was caught running off with this evening

Dear Mom,

I’m serious. The yarn is not safe. If you can play with it, so can I. Go ahead, take it out to knit…I dare you.

Still, Playfully yours,




Scamp pretending she’s not attempting to run off with more yarn


Squib, Scamp’s “brother from another mother” asleep in his duty of keeping The Kitten busy. Zeus’ nose is at bottom, wondering if he can “chuff” Squib off the couch

Dear Scamp,

Do I really have to wake up Squib to keep you entertained? Stay out of my knitting.

Seriously yours,



Scamp pretending she is not at all interested in my knitting bag…only when the camera is present.

Lucky for her, and Squib’s nap; she decided she was hungry and is finding other things to get into.

A Saturday night in my life, or any night in my life;-).


Again?!? really?

Dear Mom,

Go ahead and try to chat with Dad(aka, boyfriend, aka James)…or wake up Squib. I’m taking the yarn, again.

Playfully yours, until you play with me,


…30 Minutes Later…Squib woke up. Thank goodness!



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