Joy in Unraveling Previous “Work”

March 30, 2014

Ask any knitter, they dread frogging a project. They hate it, and if you help them frog it, they won’t be quite so polite when telling you where to take your frogging suggestion or assistance. But, once in a while you come upon a piece you knit so poorly, or that has no purpose whatsoever, other than the practice it was, and you find the knot and untie it.

Then you start to pull the yarn out of its nicely (and sometimes not-so-nicely) stitched pattern. As you pull, you begin to make plans for this yarn. Sometimes you pull because it will work better as X or Y. When I first began knitting, on the knifty knitter eons ago, I created a doll blanket with left-over yarn. It was pretty and it was nice, but I do not arrange my dolls or sock monkeys in sleeping positions. They like to be much more playful. My nieces are living in Florida and don’t have much occasion to use said doll blanket in my home, so, I looked at a doll dress I planned to knit, hoped there was enough yarn and began to frog it. This one was easy to unravel, and the doll dress came out beautifully.

ImageThe First Doll Dress I Knit With Re-purposed Yarn

Next, I found a navy blue and mauve color I like. I began to knit the second dress with this stash. Only, as I near the bottom of the skirt, I’m beginning to realize there may be enough mauve pink to finish the skirt, but not enough to finish the arms. Originally, I thought I’d just have to suck it up and and knit the arms and cowl neck in the blue alone. However, I was sorting through a yarn basket I keep on a shelf the other day, and I came across what was meant to be perhaps a doll leg or arm in the mauve pink color I’m using.


The Second Doll Dress I’m Knitting with Partially Re-purposed Yanr

Happily, I sat down and untied the knot. Once I got through the knots and the stitches pulled to close, I began frogging, knowing I would likely have enough yarn to knit the arms of this dress. I hope to squeeze out enough yarn to finish the cowl neck, but if I don’t; that part won’t look half bad in just blue. I considered buying another skein, but this color has proven hard to find of late, and I don’t have anything else planned for this color pink. Plus, I might just have a little more stashed in the basket, who knows?


Scamp Is Always Happy To Help Me Re-purpose Yarn

For once, I’m frogging for happy reasons, instead of a noticeable mistake on a sock three rows ago!


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