Point Protectors–Are they worth it?

March 22, 2014

I’ve mentioned these in the past…Point Protectors. The real question is: Are they worth it? In my humble opinion, yes…if you use aluminum needles. I don’t feel I need them as much on my bamboo needles. In addition, if my work stays at home in the pretty little yarn bowl I received as a gift, I likely don’t need them as much.

However, when a girl is knitting a sock with 80 intricate stitches on those needles, and has thirty stitches on one needle, it is difficult to pick them up. I also have to pick them up in order and without twisting them. This can be frustrating on a good day. On a bad day, even the dog won’t try to help. I don’t blame him, but usually its because there’s no food involved.

Back to the point protectors, I travel for work often. If I’m in an older grade, I have time to knit at work, so I take it with me. Its a simple task I’m unlikely to get in trouble for and I can stop when there is an interruption. With substitute teaching, there’s often an interruption. As a result of the frequent travel with my projects, they sometimes come undone. Since I don’t want that, I added little green alien ears to each of my knitting needles and still have the stitches in places.


Stitches Not Going Anywhere

Some might suggest that these alien ears protecting my stitches are more work to remove or switch around, or something else to remember in the midst of a complicated pattern. They are not that difficult. In fact, I’d say they’re the equivalent of five or six more stitches in a pattern. With eighty stitches, what’s a few more? It’s not that hard, and my pairs are lime green, so they’re quite noticeable on the end of my needles. Even if I forget they’re coming, I notice them.

They have an additional benefit. If you sit down and do not notice the knitting there, you get poked in the arm or the side or the rear with a rubber alien ear, not a pointy needle. They’ve been tested. I’m not admitting or denying human tests involving boyfriends at this point; but if such tests happened, he likely deserved it.

As for progress on other projects, I’ve gotten halfway through the skirt on the second doll dress.

I’m hoping to have enough pink to finish at least the sleeves, but the cowl as well…otherwise, I will simply use solid navy.


Half of a Skirt

Regarding the socks, I’ve not made much progress, likely a couple of rows, which will get you there, but next week, perhaps I’ll have more done…. If not, Spring Break is coming up soon, and I’ll have time to write and knit. In the meantime, I’m considering dropping a little more cash for point protectors in case I put a pair of socks on other needles, but I have a rule about finishing one project before I start another. Yes, I think point protectors are worth the few dollars and the effort.


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