I Got New Sock Yarn Today!

February 22, 2014

Actually more exciting than saying “I got new socks on,” when you get into the elevator: I got new sock yarn today! Okay, okay, I know, I’m only a half inch into my second sock for this pair, but its never too early to plan for the next pair. Sock yarn doesn’t take up too much space anyways. Actually, I’m normally a little bit on the broke side of life, and sock yarn is still a luxury, especially if I wish to support my local yarn store. I prefer to do so.

So, I took in my cute pink corduroy jacket with a shirt I often wear and another coral button up blouse I often wear to work, and told the proprietor that I wanted to match one or both of them. If I couldn’t match both, I was leaning towards matching the lighter pink corduroy jacket I just love. It ties in with the shirt I wear under it often.Image

Lucky for me she had a nice variegated coral color that will match both. Its also by Wildfoote, called Sonatina. Bonus, I learned the stiffness that you feel when touching this wool will disappear after the first washing.


In addition, for the socks I’m finishing, I was able to find an exact dye lot on the lavendar desert color I’ve been using. Which means, once I get them knit up, no one but me (and those of you that remember) will know that I will likely run out of yarn at this point. Now I will have enough yarn leftover to use when I attempt the up-down entrelac pattern in this book.


For now, I plan to use a pattern called Rose Ribs with the Sonatina yarn in pink and coral. Next, I have to go back and spend a Saturday planning a wish list for future yarn gifts so I can get sock yarn without all the questions for birthday and Christmas stocking stuffers. In the meantime, I think I’m going to look for shawls or cowls to make with some blue chunky yarn and crochet some flowers to attach to them, once I finish the doll dresses of course.

To update on the doll dresses, they are coming along. I’ve begun the skirt on the second and need to keep knitting. Monday should be a good day for knitting for me, as I have a high school class that shouldn’t need me (you gotta love art), and they likely have a student teacher for much of the day. Lucky me, socks and doll dresses, here I come;-).


2 Responses to “I Got New Sock Yarn Today!”

  1. brett rossi Says:

    Am I allowed to write about this on my twitter?

    • Dear Brett Rossi,

      Please be more specific in your request. WordPress filtered this as spam first. Are you asking to quote me, or summarize the work, or post it as something you like?
      Thank you for your interest,


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