Two Rows At A Time

February 7, 2014


Two rows at a time will get you there, eventually. Your work may be slow to take shape and become what you are hoping it will be, but two rows at a time will bring you close enough to finish. I’m not done, I’ve been approaching the toe. The work is still going two rows at a time, and at some points three or four, but I’m only a few rows from my baby toe disappearing completely.


The disappeared baby toe means I can begin reducing for the toe. I still need to measure just how many rows I have to go before the toe. This pattern requires a little more planning than others I’ve knit. I’m supposed to finish on row 16 or row 8 of the repeat. I’m really trying to do what I’m supposed to here. I have enough to remember for the second sock. For now, the question is: How many rounds until I can begin reducing for the toe? If I have more than four rounds, I will likely continue working in pattern. If I have less than four rounds, I will simply knit the stockinette stitch until the baby toe vanishes beneath knitted comfort. I believe I only have three or four rows left.

I’m half tempted to continue in stockinette stitch now, because I want to be done, but I wish to get good pictures this evening, so I will have to shift to the doll dress I’ve been working on. I hope to be able to finish and send the doll dresses to my nieces soon. That will come along, a couple of rows at a time, as well.

Two days later, you can see where the toe was at. I knit four more rows during a prep hour for good high school choir and orchestra classes. I stopped them, tried the sock on and found it the right length to end the foot and decrease the toe. I waited until this evening to photograph my foot in the sock so you might see what I mean.Image

So, I am almost finished with this sock, now what? Don’t fret, I still have another sock and lots of doll clothes to knit with yarn I may not use for anything else. Though I am tempted to try a ten stitch blanket. However, I expect the next sock will be knit much like this one, a row or two at a time as I have breaks and time off. But first, I must finish this sock’s toe, sew it up or graft the toe and tell you all about it, as well as my new stitch holders. Those, I’m looking forward to using while I finish the toe of this sock, and it’s mate.

Until we meet again, Happy Knitting!


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