Progress Is Slow

January 30, 2014

My apologies for not posting last week.

This past week, I had hoped to make good progress on my socks as well as on the doll dresses. I began to make good progress on my doll dress, then two things happened, I found the dark pink yarn I had planned to use, and I got sick. I’m not good at being sick when I realize it, I’m even worse when I haven’t realized it yet. So, as I’m looking at my friends, feeling sorry that they’re sick, but glad its not me…I’m forgetting to sign checks and take photos before I unravel the yarn, among other things.

Back to the projects, I knit up three small pieces of the dress with a pale pink I had purchased over the weekend. The dress is is a total of six pieces, the skirt being the largest. When I found the original pink I planned to use, I drug James into the choice and he confirmed, the original pink went with the navy blue color better. So, I ripped out the second bodice back I’d been working on, grateful I had not picked up stitches and started the skirt. However, I now had to re-knit all three bodice pieces and still pick up the skirt and knit the sleeves. I had pre-school two days this week, and you don’t get much time to knit in there, except on break. Knitting needles and preschoolers just don’t mix unless you are storytelling or demonstrating, carefully.

Alas, I also didn’t get much time in the third grade classes I was in. They’re more self-sufficient, but they still need the hands-on care. In addition, I had middle school on Friday, which went well for a change. Each class managed to stay quiet, even the class that announced they were the bad class. Most of the classes utilized me for editing their stories which they were writing. It was rewarding, and fascinating reading, seeing what methods of overcoming obstacles they employed in their stories, as well as the myriad of ways they plotted their characters deaths. I like J.D. Robb’s “In Death” series, so I found their murder stories quite interesting, most of them good. I did have the prep period, in which I knit part of my sock, as well as during one of the hours that thought their work was done instead of editing or reviewing it one more time, which I greatly encouraged that day.It was a fun day, and I think I did make an inch and a half progress on my sock. The foot part looked nearly half done when I left that day, which puts me at three-quarters done.


I planned to make more progress on the sock this weekend, but I began feeling sick Saturday morning and found this was different from my normal colds/flu bugs, but vicious in its own right. I had headaches and a bloody nose, and missed any planned activities. Then I wore myself out by shoveling my driveway. When I finally got energy later that night, I drove to the store for chicken soup and ended up making homemade chicken soup. I had bursts of energy and utilized them, but still sounded like crap the rest of the weekend. As I said, I’m not good at being sick, so I’ll stop complaining here. Nothing else got done this weekend, except ironing quilt pieces which will be cut another day.

In the meantime, I’ve made a little more progress on the bodice back of the dress, but I’m only almost half way through the first piece and almost can’t wait until I pick up and knit the skirt. I think its because it means I’m getting done. As for the sock, I’ll get back to it soon, since I’m finally starting to feel better.


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