When Turning The Heel, I Knit Alone

January 4, 2014

It’s Christmas morning, I live alone with a very active kitten. My significant other, who laughs at my mistakes (usually with me), works tonight and is sleeping through the day. We exchanged gifts yesterday, and I have to finish the dishes from baking. So, what’s a girl to do-especially if she’s avoiding the dishes for another hour? Or should I say, what should I do between pulling kitten out of the tree and retrieving the sledding snowman ornament she favors this morning…I continue on, working the heel flap correctly. See the previous blog for the heel flap mistakes.
I finished the heel flap quickly as I had three more rows to it, and forty stitches in in a slip 1, purl 1 pattern knit up pretty quick. I read the heel turn. I get a cup of coffee and I read it again. If only I treated the rest of the pattern this way all the time. (Oh dear, what would I blog about then?) Having done these before, I know that when knitting half the battle is doing what the pattern says. In fact, most of the battle is trusting the pattern and following it.


I get a little picky about heel turns, and after the first one or two, I have decided the preferable way to knit them is alone, quietly, and privately. If I would have thought about it, I might have dropped the kitten off at the dear boyfriend’s while I knit this. But then something would inevitably happen. I think it’s called Murphy’s law. Though my biggest battle was with keeping the kitten out of the tree while trying to keep track of my rows and turns. Since the heel turn is comprised of bunches of short rows, and turned often, I like to have as few interruptions as possible. It helps to pay attention to what you are doing. I find it preferable to trying to figure out where I was and in which direction I was going when I got up. That never seems to work out as well as I hope it will.

So, when you get to your heel flap, set your work down and take five. Go to the bathroom. Get a cup of coffee or whatever your beverage of choice is, hide the phone or turn it right off. Lock the animals outside or in another room, and if you have kids, ship them off somewhere for an hour or two. You’ll be thankful you did. Otherwise, make sure they’re sound asleep and you have some energy left. Then, and only then, should you sit down to knit the heel turn.

It’s not hard, but it is tougher to pick up where you left off if you are interrupted. It’s hard to tally just where you are at in the pattern.  While some can just pick it up and say, Oh, I was purling until the gap and had five stitches left, there is that chance that you were knitting and had just knit after the gap…If I don’t want to remove almost twenty rows in the heel flap due to misreading wyf and wyb, I certainly don’t want to have to re-knit any of a heel flap. Thus, I prefer to be alone, with the company of the radio, and sometimes, the kitten. Hopefully, I won’t find any more mistakes when I review the heel flap. It looks good though.


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