I made a mistake…

December 27, 2013

…and I’m not going to fix it.

Actually, it appears I have made two mistakes. I don’t admit these words often; unless I am knitting. Then I’m pretty darned sure there’s a mistake somewhere. Let me tell you about the mistake, then I will tell you about my decisions not to fix it.
The first mistake I noticed is knitting from a Master Class book when you are still an intermediate knitter. I’m not saying you should have mastered cabling before you touch this book, but when you see a lace pattern and you have never worked with lace before, you should consult someone with more knowledge than you, or seek to find more knowledge. The lace pattern itself is not hard to read, but it does seem to be inverted. But that’s moving onto the second mistake. I’ll revisit this in a couple of weeks, even if you’ve already guessed it.

In the sock pattern I’m knitting, I finally got to the heel flap. Thank goodness! I like this pattern, but 80 rows of 80 stitches wants for a little relief after a few weeks. I was looking forward to simple, almost mindless stockinette stitch heel flap knitting. I didn’t get it, except I may have remained mindless. I must say, knitting has a way of bringing you back into the moment when you realize a mistake. There are inter pattern mistakes where you only have to rip out a row or two to fix, and that is a bother, but to my knowledge, it hasn’t done anyone irrevocable harm yet. With the exception of the significant other who dares joke about it, possibly. Make sure the jurors are knitters if your dear joker takes offense to said injury.

Back to the actual mistake…I read into things. The book explained with yarn in front (wyf) or with yarn in back(wyb) right in the instructions. I got used to wrap and turn when I was turning the heel on the sock monkey, so when I saw wyf in the pattern on the purl side, I made sure to wrap the yarn to the front of the stitch. Then I turned my work. I was at the end of the row. I also made quite sure to wrap the yarn in back on every knit side. Then I turned the work. Since I was at the end of the row when I turned, the wrapping is unnecessary. And while this is only my third pair of socks, or my fifth sock knitted, I have never wrapped and turned on a heel flap. I’m not sure I have the words…, at least, not here.

When I realized this, I was twenty rows into my heel flap, or about half way done. There are 9 wrapped ends on either side of the sock. I looked at it when I realized it, and decided I was not ripping out and re-knitting all of those rows. I don’t expect the mistake will be terribly noticeable. If I decide it is, I can write it down on the pattern, and repeat it. If I had noticed this sooner, or if it was going to affect the design or function of my project, I would have frogged the knit rows and re-knit them. It doesn’t. Some days, you choose to live with the mistakes, and call them angel kisses. Thank you, Dear Angels, for kissing my work so often. See my upcoming blog about gussets to get back to my other mistake. Some weeks, I’m good at making mistakes. Once in a while, I’m okay with admitting that I made a mistake.



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