Belle Ruffle Gloves, set 1

November 9, 2013

The socks are done. Now what? I pondered this question for a moment or two, then I began to cast on the next pair of socks. The yarn was really splitty and frustrating. I was tired and that didn’t help. I set them aside. I tried again, this time I was recovering from a nasty earache. I set the sock yarn and tiny bamboo dpns aside. This wasn’t working. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

As I recovered from the earache, I attempted to keep up with the daily walk James and I take. At the near half-way point, I no longer felt up to walking and went home to rest. About 20 minutes later, James and the dogs returned with a gray and white kitten in tow. I wondered where he found this one. The last one was found under a juniper bush near the local hospital. This gray and white kitten tried to follow him home, and when he got to one of the main streets, he couldn’t let him cross on his own. We went back to my house, where he originally met the kitten to see if anyone was frantically looking for it. There was another one, fatter, but of similar size under my car. I went to take care of laundry that needed to be done. James coaxed the other kitten out from under the car. I had just “inherited” two kittens. I couldn’t let them follow people into the middle of the road or somewhere just as dangerous, so I brought them in. The next day, I noticed the gray one wasn’t as active as the calico, and he didn’t have much interest in food. The gray and white one unfortunately didn’t make it. I wanted to find the person responsible for dumping these cute kittens in my driveway and do some mean things to them…the least of which would be to scold them and make them write an apology letter to me and the cats.

In the meantime, I have a new calico kitten to help me knit these pretty gloves which I hope to turn into Christmas gifts. I located reasonable size needles for this pattern and cast on 123 stitches in black yarn to begin the ruffle. Yes, I said black yarn, but it is only for the cast on and a few other rows in the pattern. The rest of the gloves are pink. The decreases for making the ruffle went pretty easy, and I added black back in here for two rows as a border to this pretty ruffle. The arm section of the glove knit pretty easy as well, then again, 42 stitches, knit flat, knits up pretty quickly.


Belle Ruffle Gloves simply awaiting six buttons

Once I finished the wrist and arm section, I transferred the knitting to double pointed needles and joined four stitches in  the round to line up button holes with the spots I will be sewing buttons onto later. I then continued knitting in the round, working pattern rows for the button holes and the rest even, until I moved beyond the wrist and began increasing for the thumb. I knit increase stitiches in ways I hadn’t before, but it worked and wasn’t quite as hard as it sounded to “Make 1 Left” or “Make 1 Right” leaning. Once I had an extra few stitches to make room the thumb, I threaded a life-life through the thumb stitches and tied it off. I then finished the hand part of the pattern, added the black yarn back in and performed a loose bind-off.

When the hand was complete, I knit the thumb and finished that with the contrasting black yarn as well. I have also begun sewing up the glove. I still need to finish sewing on the buttons and weaving in ends, but I can’t wait to gift them. I have received compliments from many on these gloves, including some from young women near the age range of my gift recipient. I hope she likes them as much as I do.

Update on Scamp, the latest addition to my home…she is healthy and active, and loves to “Help” me knit.. Sometimes she helps so much that I decide to take the knitting to James’ house where the cats are old enough to ignore it unless they are on my lap and I pull the yarn in front of them. However active she is, she’s healthy and happily climbing my curtains….I may need a water bottle.