Journey of The Second Sock

October 2, 2013

Hello, Friends,

I hope this blog finds you well. I spent a lengthy summer at camp, but I got to do some great hiking on days off, hang out with and meet some great kids, and new friends. I also neglected my knitting on any ten hour or more days I worked in the kitchen and most of my days off. Now I’m back home, and trying to accept that the summer is definitely fading and moving towards fall, as well as trying to get back into the normal routine.

However, I did finally decide that the second sock I’d begun before I left wasn’t going to knit itself. I willed it, the yarn and needles didn’t listen. It’s not that I don’t wish to knit it, I just got so darned busy and often felt too tired to knit. I make more progress not knitting if I’m tired. But once the kids were reunited with their parents and I moved to the Laundry/Linen (Housekeeping) department, I had fewer ten hour plus days, with less heavy lifting and I ended up getting out the knitting needles with the yarn and working through the leg of the sock since I’m working top down.
Some days, I barely made a row or two, and a half-inch felt as if it took forever. Its not that I didn’t want my socks done, it was that I was knitting the same pattern in the same 72 stitches in a round with a gauge of 10 rows per inch. It feels like it takes forever to get to 8.25 inches. It did get easier as I went from my measly 2” to 4”, then 5” and approaching 6″ as I arrived home. Once I got home to some free time, the last two and a half inches knit rather quickly. I had more time, and the second half usually seems to go faster than the first, unless you are in that really boring class you hate (i.e. Economics).
I also think I was beginning to anticipate the knitting of the heel flap. I’ve knit heel flaps before, only three times, but they’re not new, I remember they will happen. I think I enjoy them for the change of pace as well as working different textures, as I did try a different style for this heel flap, a ribbed style. Before I knit a stockinette style. I really do want to knit an eye of partridge style and will on one of my next two pairs of socks. Yes, I plan to knit more, just with one other project on the needles at a time, and only one.
The heel flap was easy, and knit up quickly. Turning the heel is a bit more challenging, but this is the fourth heel over the second pair of socks I’ve knit. It’s easier to sit back and know its okay to turn my work in the middle of the row. The gusset provided more challenge, as it also required more decision making. As I said before, this pattern is written for an experienced or at least intermediate sock maker. It leaves many decisions for the knitter to make from their judgement. I don’t mind it, but every so often, I wanted a little more guidance about intended sock pattern or an idea of how something might look when finished.
I did make this sock a little different from the first of this pair. I allowed one mistake to remain and it may be somewhat noticeable in demo photos as I show the entire sock. I also decided to start the pattern back up during the decrease with the first sock, leaving some zany looking ribs that will fall under my feet. This second sock was treated to a simple knit stitch as I decreased and knit pattern only on the instep. The pattern seems to imply it should be left simply knit on the bottom of the foot and pattern work on top where it is visible. I opted to create the pattern all the way around the foot. I suspect it will be as comfortable and expect this will make the sock look better than simply having pattern work on top of the foot. I found continuing this pattern wasn’t much more work than remembering when to simply knit and when to knit in pattern.

Once I get to the dream “Tree of Life” pattern, perhaps I will only choose to pattern work the top of the foot, but I suspect I’ll be ready for the challenge of creating the pattern on the bottom as well.
And for those of you wondering, yes, I have already picked out my next sock pattern and the yarn to work it with. I hope one day soon to make enough to buy more sock yarn, but somehow, somewhere, that sock yarn will find me. As my boyfriend tells me, Christmas is coming…at least he knows to buy me quality yarn, even if he isn’t always sure how much to buy;-). That could be another blog…perhaps for next week.

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