Sock Gusset May Be a Periscope

May 16, 2013

My socks now look like a periscope. Who doesn’t want to knit a periscope? I’ve been told socks are boring, but I get to have a periscope and stick my foot out of said periscope at some point…. Note to self: cut toe-nails before photo. As for the possibility of painting them, we’ll see what Saturday brings. For now, I have a cute little periscope. I have cartoon imagination;-).

Okay, childish periscope cartoon images aside…photos to come to prove it, I promise. Let’s talk a little about the pattern and more about the sock (I hope). This pattern is not for an inexperienced knitter. This pattern may not be for a semi-experienced knitter. I’m not saying “Don’t use it.” I still like the overall pattern, but a few more specifics would have been nice, such as where to decrease the gusset. I had knit short rows, turned the heel and picked up 18 stitches on either side. Decreases have to happen. In a good sock pattern, the pattern creator tells you where to decrease. This one didn’t.

Left to my own devices, I had to judge for myself where the decreases should be included. One might say, obviously on either side of the heel. Some would say, smack dab in the middle. Some would say, check other patterns. Each of these might be good advice. But somedays, I am a do-er as opposed to a planner. Or in the writing world, a pantser, rather than a planner. I sit down and write what appears on the page. Planners outline, rough draft, and usually make points 1 through 5.


When I am forced into the torture of the outlined world, I usually hit point 1, the introduction and get a good start on point 2, the first point of my topic. Then I am struck with inspiration or hit a tangent I can’t ignore, and segue into another entire paper. However, this is not a writing blog, but a knitting blog. This entire diversion is meant to serve as an example of my inability to plan a sock that isn’t written out for me. I put the decreases in where I thought they would work. I’m not sure if they’re perfect, but they’re mine.

The next tough decisions must come. Should I rip out the decreases and replace them after research? Most likely, even though re-knitting will occur faster, I won’t. I will likely live them as they are and hope for the best. However, having learned from sock #1, my next question is, repeat the perceived mistake or knit it with decreases in better spots. Knitting with the decreases in potentially correct spots may make me wish I had removed the stitches and re-knit the pattern.

Choices, choices.Image

I must say, I’m a little surprised the decreases weren’t listed, but I did begin this leg and foot of the journey stating that this pattern is not for a beginner. It has been fun, so far. After all, I have a periscope. But I need to turn my periscope into a sock and create a mate for it. I will keep you updated each week as to my decision on this sock and hope for the best in the meantime.


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